A visual way to bookmark parts of a webpage with Wozaik

Most times when we use our browser we use tabs. Sometimes with different sites we need to use part of one page like Google search along with keeping an eye on the news from another site. I found a nice way to visually bookmark parts of a page and not the full-page. This gives us a mosaic like webpage which has parts of other webpages to quickly and instantly use different features from different sources all in one place.

Features of Wozaik

  • I just had to visit Wozaik and drag and drop a bookmarklet onto my browser.
  • On clicking of the Wozaik bookmarklet the screen goes a little dim and I can drag and draw a box which I want to bookmark.
  • The prompt for creating an account starts at this point. The snippet is then bookmarked on Wozaik with an image like we see above.


The clip or image bookmarked actually can work like website. For instance you save a list of links from a page. I could click them in Wozaik and they would take me to the links. That same works for images and videos. I could also use Google search bar which I had bookmark directly from Wozaik,

I do not think this will replace popular social bookmarking sites like Delicious and Digg but it can work out pretty nicely if you are looking for a mash-up of different sites.

Here is a video I found of some features of Wozaik.

Do drop in your comments and views.

Link: Wozaik