Best Way to Search for Bookmarklets on Internet!

Last week, Vibin wrote a nifty post on 20 bookmarklets as alternatives to Chrome extensions. The concept behind it being simple. Extensions or add-on slow down the browser a lot more than a bookmarklet would.

If you addicted to Bookmarklets, then marklets is a great website which, in my opinion has the biggest collection of bookmarklets.

Features of Marklets

  • Marklets has a nice search engine which shows up links to bookmarklets, which you might find useful. Just enter a keyword into the search field of the page and you should get what you are looking for.
  • Marklets also has its own bookmarklet. This can be accessed from here. When clicked on, it opens a small search box which allows searching for other bookmarklets.
  • If you are a developer who wants to add your bookmarklet to Marklets, there is an easy option do to so. All you need to do is add title, description and JScript and source link.

The best part of bookmarklets, is that none of them are browser specific and hence work with all browsers. For simple tasks like retweeting or adding a link to delicious, it would be better to use a bookmarklet instead of a full fledged add-on or extension which can slow down your browser.

Do drop in your views and comments.

Link: Marklets