Will Firefox’s New Tab Features Revive it’s Fortunes?

Lately, I have started to develop a bleak view of Firefox as a browser. The once favourite browser for me has been replaced by Chrome. I hardly use Firefox unless I want to check new updates to the browser itself. The advantage with Firefox is that, it is open and extremely customization friendly. But not […]

Google Chrome Is Now The Most Popular Browser in India

Over the past 2 years, Chrome as a browser has gained a lot of popularity and is now ahead of Firefox as the second most used browser. In India, however the situation is even better for Chrome. It is not only very popular but has overtaken Internet Explorer as the most popular browser.

Firefox to have Google as Default Search for 3 more years!

I was reading how Firefox might run out of money to develop their browser as their deal with Google was coming to an end. Some noted, that with Chrome around, Google might not want to make it easier for Firefox to raise money on a revenue sharing basis. Google is the default search engine on […]

How Chrome Raced to 2nd Spot in 2 Years! [Browser Wars]

I admit to being a die-hard Chrome fan. I like Firefox a lot of how customizable it is. Chrome’s minimalist layout, simple sync options along with Apps and extensions makes it my browser of choice. I guess a lot of people think like me and are adopting Chrome. Latest reports by StatCounter suggest that Chrome […]

Download Firefox 8.0 – Built in with Twitter Search

Firefox 7’s release was just a month ago and Mozilla has uploaded the 8.0 version unto their FTP servers. The newer version brings a couple of improvements like bug fixes, performance boost and a better way to handle 3rd party add-on installations. Improvements in Firefox 8 3rd party Add-on installations: If you’ve installed Java before on […]

Access Your Desktop Remotely with Chrome Browser

There are many way to connect remotely with 3rd party software but Chrome is probably going to dent those services with Remote Desktop App. The plugin basically allows people to share their desktops with anyone using a Chrome browser. This does mean it supports sharing of desktops on Windows, Linux, Mac and obviously Chrome OS […]

Firefox 7 is Super-Fast: Will it Challenge Chrome?

Mozilla Firefox has been a favored browser for many who are using Chrome now. One reason for me to move from Firefox to Chrome was its speed and relatively being light-weight on resources. But lately, Chrome has often become a bit of a resource hog, while Firefox which keeps pulling out new released every few weeks has […]