Share Highlighted Text and Links as SMS from your Browser!

Sometimes when I am searching for a particular address online, I like saving it as a text message on my mobile phone. This is quite useful to refer back to it, while searching for that particular place in a cab or foot. Textme is one such web service which allows users to send selected text […]

Personalize Your Chrome with Official Theme Maker

I like using Chrome because it is fast and has a minimalist design. Chrome does not have a lot of versatility from a customization point of view but that too is changing with new extensions and apps. Now along with choosing different themes on Chrome, users can also customize a Chrome theme with an official theme […]

Microsoft Ad Campaign Calls IE “The Browser You Loved to Hate”

Internet Explorer has steadily lost out in the battle of the browsers. Yes, it is still the most used browser but that is mainly because it is the default browser on the most popular Operating System. Chrome in recent years has become increasingly popular and the general reputation of Internet Explorer has taken a nose dive […]

Firefox 11.0 Released with CSS Style Editor and Add-on Sync

The latest version of Firefox 11.0 has been released with some new interesting features for web developers. For long Firefox was always considered the browser of choice for web developers has made sure to keep that community happy. Some of the key updates are that are a CSS Style Editor, 3D viewer of a page […]

Chrome Browser Is Now Available on Android Phones

Chrome is one of the fastest growing browsers today. It has already overtaken Firefox and it’s simple layout and easy options to synchronise bookmarks, passwords and extensions is earning a lot more adopters. Yesterday Chrome announced that it was progressing from the computer onto the mobile phones and tablets. Yup, Chrome is now available as […]