Backup your Instagram Photos to Your Computer

Instagram has been a hot topic over the last couple of weeks. First added a lot more fans by becoming available on Android. That part was followed up by Facebook acquiring Instagram. Not all fans of Instagram are happy about Facebook acquiring the company as they fear that Facebook will kill Instagrams independence and turn […]

[TIP] Dropbox Doubles Free Space for Every Referral!

Dropbox only allows 2  GB free space when someone creates an acocunt. But getting extra space is not that difficult especially if you get a lot of your friends to signup as referrals. Usually each referral would get 500 250 MB extra storage space. Dropbox has recently doubled up the storage space for referrals from 500 MB […]

Automatically Store Photos From Your Camera to Dropbox [Desktop]

Dropbox is ramping up its service in a big way over the past few days. For starters it has a new design for it’s website. It also has introduced photo-storing features from mobile phones and PCs. These new options by Dropbox are very important as soon it will face competition from Google and Microsoft with […]

Automatically Backup your Facebook Photos to Dropbox

On my Facebook account, I have almost everyone I have known in my life. It also is a great place to keep in touch with family and friends who live far away. I often have some nice photos uploaded from my school days uploaded by some friend of my or the other. Most friends of […]

Enable Non-Dropbox Users Upload Files Into Your Dropbox Account

One of the main reasons why Dropbox is the best file syncing service is that there many 3rd party apps which enhance it, Dropbox has released its API long ago. A few file syncing services like Wuala haven’t released their API and this is a serious drawback. DROPitTOme is a web app with which your […]