Delete your Credit Card details from Facebook ads without adding a new one [How-to]

Are you a blogger or a Facebook Page owner? Then the most trending thing these days on Facebook for you must be Facebook ads and sponsored posts. Lots of websites, bloggers and bigger brands are promoting their products using Facebook ads. It’s a good way to interact with customers of similar interest.

As expected the rolling in to this ad program is easy but it’s difficult to opt out. The only reason why I am saying this is that they will store your Credit Card Details and you cannot delete it without providing details of another payment method. Even if you don’t have any active ads there but there’s always a risk that they might charge you for your ads if you click something mistakenly or you have selected “promote my latest post” while creating an ad campaign.

To avoid this you have following two options in which you don’t need to enter another payment option:

1. Closing your ads account completely:

First option that you have is to close your Facebook ad account. This will suspend your Facebook Ad account and indirectly all your payment options associated with it will be deleted. To do this, click on the Gear icon on the header of your Facebook page and select “Manage Ads” from the list.
Facebook Ad Account close (1)After that click Settings from the left sidebar and then click Close Ads Account as shown below.
Facebook Ad Account close (2)

Just confirm your suspension after that and you account will be closed. This will also delete all your payment and credit card details.

2. Directly deleting your Credit Card:


You can also delete your credit card details directly but not by visiting “Ad Manager”, rather you can delete it from the account settings itself. This method is simple but I recommend you to suspend your Ads first as given in the above method.

You can directly delete it by going to your account settings page. After that click “Payments” from the left sidebar and check your payment methods by clicking “Manage” on that page as shown below. Click remove to delete your payment method.

Facebook Ad Account close (4)That’s it, by using these two methods you don’t have to enter alternate payment details and you can easily opt out of Facebook ads program. Please drop a comment below for any assistance regarding Facebook ads.
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Get Facebook’s Redesigned ‘News Feed’

Facebook had announced earlier that they were about to redesign the ‘New feed’ on its website. Facebook has announced a new ‘news feed’ experience on web, iPhone/iPad and Android platforms. The new design is touted as a clutter free experience. The focus now is more on having icons and also larger images and clarity of the feed.

Facebook_News_LayoutI have not yet got this new design activated for my Facebook account but looking at the screenshots, I think Facebook’s feed seem to be liberally inspired by Google+. Especially how Google+ shows up feeds on mobile and tablet platforms.

The iPhone/iPad and Android update will be released over the next few days/week (Facebook can be notoriously quick or slow with changes) but you need to get onto a wait list for the new design.

Just visit the following link and click on Join Waiting List button.

It will be interesting to see the subtle differences how Facebook shows Sponsored updates and advertisements. Hopefully it will be more relevant and less spammy than it is at the moment.


Facebook to Unveil a New Design for News Feed on March 7

FB News Feed Invite

Facebook has sent out invites to the Press for an event on March 7, 2013. The invite has a simple message, which is announcing a new look for the ‘news feed’.

One place where people spend most of their time on Facebook is looking through their news feeds. The design of the current News Feed is based on how it best looks on a desktop/laptop browser. But with Facebook being increasingly consumed on mobile and tablet screens, a new design was more or less expected.

Compared to say Google+ or even Flipboard (which is an app not a social network), the main news feed design of Facebook is boring, especially on mobile platforms.

News Feed design of Google+

GPlus News Feeds
Google+ image friendly design for news feeds

News Feed design of Facebook

FB News Feeds
Facebook ‘News Feed’ is better suited for PC browsers

‘News Feed’ is the Money Earner for Facebook

Though one might wonder what is the big deal about a redesigned ‘News Feed’ for Facebook. It is actually a very big deal because it is also where Facebook will be displaying some of its ads or sponsored updates.

It will be interesting to see whether Facebook gets it right or wrong.


Facebook Experiments With “Buy Ticket” Option for Events

Facebook might soon be turning its ‘events’ feature into a revenue stream. According to AllFacebook, the social networking website is testing out a new feature that will allow users to buy tickets to events directly from the site.

Facebook Buy Tickets

I could not find any events which had the option to buy tickets. But the option seems to be available for all brand page owners. I created an event for a page I am the admin of and saw the option to add a link to the “Buy Tickets” field.


It looks like Facebook might not be hosting a ticket selling interface as yet, but I am pretty sure Facebook might be considering that soon. Facebook events are used in a big way to promote concerts, meetups so it makes a good additions for page owners.

Events are Social, Ads are not


Facebook is a social hub for me. It is personal and last when it shows me advertisements to buy stuff, I find its like someone irritating salesperson visiting my home. While advertisements work great on Google, because people are always looking to buy something on it.

But Events on Facebook are social and I actually don’t mind buying tickets through Facebook.

Also I think its a lot better than testing features like charging $100 to send a message to Mark Zuckerburg. 🙂


Google+ overtakes Twitter: What does it mean for Facebook?

According to GlobalWebIndex, Google+ has overtaken Twitter as the second most active social network. It is being used by about 25% slightly ahead of Twitter. Interestingly, Facebook has a commanding lead with garnering the attention of over 50% users.

Google+ is very closely linked to all products offered by Google. That means when you sign up with Gmail, you have created a Google+ account. The +1 button is also available on Google Play store, where apps often get +1s by Android users.


The small detail that is a little interesting is that YouTube is also ahead of Twitter.

Should Facebook Worry?


Facebook might still be top and will remain at the top for a long time, but the fact that Google+ and YouTube are at #2 and #3 respectively should be worrying. Both are owned by Google and reasonably different in scope.

But the big stake for any social media is the data they collect. For example, with Facebook’s new Search Graph, we can see how Facebook wants to show us more local data and recommendations.

Google has more rounded products to collect this data and more importantly it has its own mobile platform in Android and Google Maps as an addition.

Google+ has not really seen newer and unique features in 2012 but I am sure that will change this year.

Do drop in your comments.


How to enlarge locked Facebook profile pictures

After Google plus, we finally found a way by which you can enlarge a profile picture of locked Facebook profile pictures album. People on Facebook lock their profile pictures so that it can’t be misused by their friends or any other Facebook user. Obviously anybody will not use a small 160x160px picture anywhere because faces on such a small picture are hardly visible. But what if someone can enlarge it up to 720x720px? Let’s see how you can do it.

  1. Open a profile with lock profile pictures album for example this profile:

  1. Now right click on the profile picture and click “Copy image URL”. For example the URL of image for the above profile link is: small facebook profile picture 3. In the above link change 160×160 with 720×720, so your new link will be: enlarged facebook profile pictureThats it, you can also give this trick a try with any Facebook profile with locked profile pictures. Please note that by this post we don’t want to give a new option to profile stalkers to invade user privacy and misuse their pictures. This post is just to aware people that your profile picture is not safe even if it’s locked.

Happy Facebooking. 🙂


Facebook Hacker Cup 2013: Winner Gets $10,000

Facebook is well known for its hacking competition. If you have seen the movie ‘Social Network’, it showed how hacking match-offs would take place and the winner would be offered a job at Facebook.

Though I would not know if those stories are real or not, but Facebook does have a lot of respect for the hacking community. They show this respect by hosting an annual programming contest called the Hacker Cup.

Facebook Hacker Cup

Facebook Hacker Cup Details

  • The competition starts on 25th January 2013. If you are interested in the competition, you can register at this link.
  • Anyone from around the world can register for the competition but read the terms while registering.
  • There will be a qualification round followed by 3 elimination rounds. All these rounds will be held online.
  • Final Onsite round will be held at Facebook offices at Menlo Park, California, US.

The Prize

  • The 1st place winner will get a cash prize of $10,000 USD.
  • The 2nd place winner gets $2000 USD and 3rd place winner gets $1000 USD.
  • The prize of $100 USD will be given to programmers who come in from 4th to 25th.

Link: Facebook Hacker Cup | Hacker Cup FAQ


Will Facebook’s Graph Search hurt Google? Yes, Maybe and No

Facebook has recently announced a new trick. It goes by the name “Graph Search“. I have signed up like many people might have, but I have not seen it showing up on my account as yet. From what some are saying it will might take up to “weeks”. I was intrigued to by Search Graph and the screenshots shared in a post by Sauravjit, but I was taken aback by the deluge of posts on how Facebook’s Graph Search will challenge Google’s search dominance.

Facebook has apparently found a way to crash Google’s party.

facebook graph search screenshots
Facebook Graph Search: Serious Competition to Google?

So will Facebook disrupt Google’s search business in a big way?

Yes! Google will worry!


Okay, Google is a search giant and it has massive resources. Billions of search queries are handled by Google without breaking a sweat. Why would Google worry about Facebook’s improved search feature.

  • The money is in local advertising. Google shows up pretty good localized results. I usually search for restaurants, hotels and even for movies on Google. Google rules this niche and makes potentially billions from local businesses investing in AdWords.
  • Facebook has a lot of data that is personal. It knows the movies people watch, the theaters people go to and their experience visiting restaurants. Facebook’s Graph search would be very useful to find information that is personalized.
  • Google might worry about this. As a matter of fact they have been worrying about it for years now. That is why they ended up creating their own social network Google+. They want similar personalized data to work with and augment their search results.

Maybe its just Facebook fixing itself


Searching on Facebook is a terrible experience  It auto-prompts me people, pages and more but most of them are not what I am searching for. It is decent if you are searching for the profile of your friends but for searching for new stuff, it is pretty much useless.

  • So with Graph Search, Facebook might not be really be thinking of hurting Google but is actually fixing a really under-utilized feature.
  • Facebook it just rolling out something new for browser. There is still no clarity on how Graph Search will work on mobile phones.
  • Also more than hurting Google’s search engine, a great search feature will hurt LinkedIn. I can already see HR departments all over the world, looking up various permutations and combinations for finding good potential employees on Facebook instead of LinkedIn.

Let’s not get over excited! It is Facebook

Facebook has a great track record of coming out with something interesting and then making a mess of it. It messed up the Timeline redesign.

  • Simple things like a photo will not be displayed in completely in the profile layout. On the whole I still find the timeline design very clunky.
  • It also has some major problems managing my lists. I cannot move people in bulk from one list to another (like we can on Google+).
  • And hopefully we won’t see Graph Search being case of Facebook stumbling on the “Privacy” front.

Overall it is a good development as something critical like “Search” for Facebook will be fixed. But only time will tell if Facebook will be able to really deliver a great product let alone challenge the likes of Google at the search engine game. That game is something Google really knows how to play very well.

What are your expectations from Facebook’s graph search? Do drop in your comments.


All about Facebook’s new Graph Search

Facebook is all set to introduce a new feature and completely change the way we search for people and stuff on it. It is the Facebook’s new “Graph Search”. Since Facebook is huge and there are more than a billion people and more than 240 billion photos on it, so “Graph Search” will allow users to find people with similar interests like music, places, food, sports e.t.c. According to Facebook “The first version of Graph Search focuses on four main areas — people, photos, places, and interests.” Let’s see how to search for something on it and how to get your beta version.

How to use Facebook’s Graph Search?

This Graph Search seems like (not exactly same) a text version of Apple’s Siri. You can search for people, photos, places, interests and make new connections. Once you start typing it automatically suggests relevant content in a drop down list. You can filter your results using tools on the right sidebar of search results page. Check out some example of searches below:

  • People who like tennis and live nearby.
  • Photos before 1990.
  • Photos of my friends in New York.
  • Sushi restaurants in Palo Alto my friends have liked.
  • Tourist attractions in Italy visited by my friends.

How Graph Search works?

Graph Search looks for search results based on your friend’s posts shared with you or post from other people on Facebook who shared it publicly with everyone. That means search results will be different for different users. Facebook made it very clear that no private posts will be shown in the search results.

Also there will be no change in your current privacy settings. If you don’t want to share your posts like location, tags or posts you can change it on your Activity Log.

When you can start using it?


Currently beta version of “Graph Search” is out but it is available to a small number of people who are using Facebook in English (US). If you wish to use the beta version you can join the waiting list. Open this page and click “Join Waiting List” at the bottom of page.


facebook graph search screenshots facebook graph search screenshots facebook graph search screenshots

Quick Links:

  • To join the waiting list, click here.
  • To try it now and see how Privacy works with Graphs, click here.

Don’t forget to share your views with us on Facebook Graph Search. 🙂


Want to Message Mark Zuckerberg? Pay Facebook $100!

Imagine you want to send a message to Mark Zuckerberg and make sure the message is not ignored. What would be the best way? According to Facebook it might be forking out US $100. Facebook is not exactly so desperate for money. They are testing a new feature.

Zuckerberg 100 dollar message
Image via Mashable

Currently when one of your friends or followers send you a message. The messages usually end up in the Inbox. But there is also the “Other Inbox” which is often not noticed by users. The Other Inbox can be seen when as a discreet link on your messages page.

Other Inbox

The Other folder contains usually messages from people who are not your friends. This is a way to help very popular users from being spammed by their followers and fans.

Facebook was testing what could be highest amount set for making sure a message goes to the Inbox rather than the Other folder. It is expected to charge a lot less for normal (less famous) users. This is an extension of the feature that allows users to promote their posts for a small fee.


Promoted Messages and Update: Are they Ethical?

Though it makes sense for brands to promote their messages or updates by paying Facebook a small amount. This will ensure more certainty in reaching their fans and customer base. But is this feature really ethical? I am not really comfortable that Facebook is asking money to ensure people who send me mail which I have to check.

Imagine the outrage it would cause if Gmail or Hotmail suggests that if users could pay them some extra money and they would ensure that their emails do not get filtered and ensure it hits the main Inbox.

The feature is still being tested and so we cannot comment on all aspects of how it works. What you seen such prompts for making payments while sending a message? Do drop in your comments.