How to leave a message conversation on Facebook

There’s a feature in Facebook messages where you have an option of starting a group message thread. In such message conversations anyone can post a message in that thread which will be delivered to all of the members of that conversation. This is a useful feature but most of the times it ends up spamming […]

How to change Role of a Facebook Page Admin

Facebook finally added a much awaited feature which is very useful for Facebook Page Owners. This feature was missing from Facebook pages from a very long time and that’s why we suggested you to keep your Facebook Pages with a single Admin only. Different types of Admin Roles: Facebook now added five different types of […]

Facebook’s new feature; get to know when your friend reads your message

A couple of days back, top social networking website added a new and a very clever feature. As usual there was no official information about this feature as they have not updated their official blog since January ’12. The new feature is related to the messages you send to your friends. This feature is just like the […]

[Rumour] Facebook Buying Opera Browser

Usually most discussions around browsers revolve around Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. Opera actually has never been very popular as a browser but it has a very loyal user base. According to Pocket-lint, Facebook is rumored to be in talks of buying Opera. This would mean Facebook would have it’s very own browser. Opera is […]

Facebook’s IPO Disaster: Gets Taken to Court by Investors!

A few months ago Facebook filed its papers for a Initial Public Offering (IPO). The company was going to be public listed, as in the general public could not invest in Facebook by buying their shares. Facebook stood to benefit greatly and was expected to reach a valuation of $100 Billion (it eventually reached $104 […]

Facebook’s new ‘Poke Suggestions’ or ‘Poke Flooder’?

Facebook just added a new feature where it started showing “poke suggestions” on the sidebar of Facebook poke page. Poke suggestions is a list of random friends on Facebook whom you can poke. Well this is just an initiative by Facebook to increase interaction between users as people are now losing interest in keeping a […]

Facebook’s Value from Few Thousands to $100 Billion!

Way back in 2004 when Google announced it IPO, I was not really into following tech blogs. I read about it in newspapers and some magazines. I did realize that it was a once in a generation type of company that could start with such small scale and become worth several billions. Today I am […]

Facebook Introduces Anti-Virus Marketplace

Yesterday in a post about security, Facebook introduced what it calls a Anti-Virus Marketplace. It reccomends and links users to download from a list of anti-virus software. The five software that Facebook recommends are McAfee, Microsoft Security Essentials, Norton Anti-Virus, Sophos AV for Macs and finally Trend Micro Internet for PCs and Macs. A majority of […]