Vote on Facebook’s Governing Documents Started

Facebook’s privacy policy in last few months created lots of waves. Specially content ownership clause in their policy document resulted in many people deleting their Facebook account. Facebook realized their mistake and retracted their policy document. Also, as a measure to stop users from deleting their account, they placed notification about their policy retraction on […]

Facebook Developer Garage in New Delhi, India

A good news for all Indian Facebook Apps Developers. Tekriti Software is organizing Facebook Developer Garage event in New Delhi on 25th April 2009. Facebook like other parts in the world, growing in India in terms of popularity and user base. As Facebook platform and its apps can be nice source of revenue, many developers […]

Facebook Rewards for Inviting Your Friends!

These days, many new social networks are getting desperate to increase their registered user-base. They encourage their existing users to invite their friends to join that network by running a sort of points or rewards system. Some of them even offer cash rewards. Now I recently noticed that worlds top social network Facebook is also […]

[How-To] Get The Old Facebook Layout Back

Don’t like the new Facebook design? Bored of it? Do you think that the old Facebook was more user-friendly, neat and clean? Then you have landed on the right place! Though you won’t be able to achieve the exact old layout, but the layout you will have will be much like the old Facebook layout! […]

Customizing links of your social networking profiles

In the last couple of years, the use of social networking sites like Myspace, Facebook & Orkut boomed over the Internet. Many people started meeting each other using these social networks and in the mean while, profiles on these sites became the real identity in this virtual world. For instance, few days ago, when I […]

New & Better Facebook is here. Try it Now!

After waiting for so long to update their user interface, Facebook finally released much awaited new interface. You can see above Try it now link in top-right corner. Below in new homepage which is much more organized and light-weight. Also common tasks Status Update, Adding Photos & Videos, Sharing Link are easily accessible as you […]

Scrapboy Added Support For Facebook Chat form as Desktop

Launch of facebook chat became instant hit but till date facebook have no official desktop client to use this chat feature. But Scrapboy, a desktop application for easier access to social networking sites like orkut, facebook & MySpace, now supports facebook chat feature. Below is screenshot of me chatting with my friend Gaurav. In first […]

FaceSearch – Real Time Facebook Friends Update in Mac Style!

FaceSaerch is new image search engine where you can search face-pictures by name of the person, place, etc. Search results are powered by Googles image search. The results are organized is iPhone like slide-show format which makes navigation simple. Below is sample search result when for Rahul Bansal… For Facebook Users… For facebook users they […]

UrTurn – Get Paid for Using Facebook!

UrTurn offers reward points to users based on their activities on social networks like facebook. These reward points have cash value and can be redeemed for prizes like iPhones or sold for cash on the UrTurn marketplace. Activities includes, as expected, adding UrTurn application to your facebook account, inviting friends to use it. You will […]