Scrapboy Added Support For Facebook Chat form as Desktop

Launch of facebook chat became instant hit but till date facebook have no official desktop client to use this chat feature. But Scrapboy, a desktop application for easier access to social networking sites like orkut, facebook & MySpace, now supports facebook chat feature.

Below is screenshot of me chatting with my friend Gaurav. In first attempt only, Scrapboy added support for emoticon as highlighted in screenshot below.

Facebook Chat from Scrapboy

Prior to Scrapboy, Digsby attempted same feature but in testing I noticed that people can’t read my messages sent to them. So in that context, Scrapboy is first working desktop client for facebook chat feature.

If you are already using Scrapboy then it will update automatically to the newest version. You can always download new version manually by going to Scrapboy site.

In another update, Raul from Scrapboy developer team, informed us that recent version fixes the issue with orkut login part. Due to orkuts recent launch of country specific domains, orkut features in Scrapboy were broken for a while. But now all is well, so enjoy new Scrapboy! 🙂

Link: Scrapboy

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Settor30 October 22, 2009

Mike said,15 May, 2009 at 12:58 pm aww this is disappointing news. ,