Google introduces floating Compose window in Gmail

When composing a new E-mail, or replying to one, there will be times when you want to refer to previous E-mails and you’ll find yourself switching between previous E-mails and the one you’re writing. Google has today rolled out an update for Gmail users, which aims to solve this. Enter the floating Compose window. When […]

Save Gmail Attachments to SkyDrive in a Single Click

A few weeks ago we wrote about saving your Gmail links automatically to a Google Drive. But if you are using Windows, chances are you might be interested in Microsoft’s cloud offering SkyDrive. Microsoft is collaborating with for allowing users to upload or download attachments files from their SkyDrive account to Gmail. How it […]

Enable Gmail’s New Multiple Account Login Page

If you are a regular Gmail user, chances are you have more than one account. We can toggle between multiple Gmail accounts by using Google accounts manager. But recently as reported by The Next Web, Gmail is showing up a new login page to manage multiple sign-in in a more user friendly way. I managed to […]

Is Google’s Experiment of Gmail in Search Results a Bad Idea?

Google is testing out a new feature, which is going to attract a lot of criticism and attention form privacy pundits. The new search experiment will show Gmail results on the main Google search page. See the image below, it is an example of the new experiment. The search results show up as usual, but […]

5 Reasons Will Not be a Gmail killer

Last week, when Microsoft removed the covers of its new email service called Outlook, it has won many praises (including from yours truly) for it’s minimalist design. The service claims to have better spam fighting mechanism along with better controls for managing emails. It seemed like Microsoft has a real winner on its hands and […]