Microsoft Says “Goodbye Hotmail, Hello Outlook”

Microsoft has replaced Hotmail with Head over to and sign-up for a new account or sign-in with your existing Hotmail account. The layout is new and different, with a focus on reducing spam and showing more relevant content. Currently, it is in preview mode but soon Hotmail users will get prompted to make […]

Hangouts for Gmail Users: Smartest Move for Google+

A lot my friends from the blogosphere consider Google+ a flop show. But despite the flop status, it enjoys a very popular service called Hangouts. Google+ Hangouts allows users to video chat with many users at the same time. Hangouts are popular on tablets and even mobile phones. Google has announced that Hangouts for Gmail […]

Save Gmail Attachments to Google Drive with One-Click

I like using Google Drive a lot more because of things like backing up my photos from my Android to Google Drive drive (which even Dropbox can do). I also use a host of Google related services has meant I have started adopting Google Drive a lot more. In a way a lot of people […]

Open All Email Links with Your Gmail Account on Chrome!

If you logged into your Gmail account on your Chrome browser and saw a pop-up at the top, it might be a good idea to pay attention to it. It is a pop-up that asks you permission to open all email links (eg: [email protected]) in your Gmail account directly. 😉 If you click on the […]

Schedule Your Emails on Gmail and Google Apps [Right Inbox]

I like to check different email accounts at different times. Most times we do not need to schedule emails but sometimes it makes sense to schedule an email for wishing someone on birthdays or anniversaries. It can also be used to set a reminder email, that reminds you about a particular task in a few […]

Google+ Circles Gets Integrated into Gmail!

When Google introduced Google+, it insisted that you do so with a Google account (read your Gmail account). The idea was that your Gmail contacts would easily sit into Google+ Circles as most people use their email accounts to connect with friends, family and colleagues. Google+ was not as well-integrated into Gmail possibly because of […]

What is behind Google’s Unified Design Theory!

If you have noticed Google recently, you should have noticed the new interface for almost all products.  The interesting part is that all the interface looks very similar to Google plus interface. Google is investing heavily in Google Plus to drive growth in its future on the web.  They have big plans for it. The first […]