How Google uses YOUR Gmail for Social Search

Google’s social search allows you to look up which of your friends are sharing something online. Here if you search and look up social search on Google, it will show you the name of your friends who shared something. Ever wondered how Google manages to know who your friends on other networks, even if they […]

Email Wars: Now Microsoft Pokes Fun at Gmail’s Ads

Yesterday, I wrote a post on how Gmail was hinting that email services like Hotmail were old-fashioned. Microsoft not to be outdone, has also poked fun at Gmail. The point it makes is that Gmail scans through your email contents, which is comparable to the mailman looking through your letters. According to ZDNet, the leaked […]

Gmail Hints That Hotmail, AOL and Yahoo Are Outdated!

The latest public relations push by Gmail is called ‘Email Intervention’. If you visit your Gmail login page, it will show up a new feature asking users to ‘Save their friends from outdated email’. 🙂 Google is looking to tap into peer pressure from it’s happy users, to get their friends using other email services […]

Gmail’s People Widget fails when compared to Rapportive!

More than a month ago, Gmail introduced the People Widget. It was being rolled out over a few days but then days turned to weeks and now after a month-long wait, most Gmail users have the people widget available on their accounts. The People Widget has a lot of useful features like when we click […]

AOL Allows Google Accounts to Cross-Connect with Gmail!

AOL and ICQ were the doyens of online chatting. Text based chatting quickly attracted a community. Suddenly people could communicate with friends and family cheaply and in real-time. AOL was the rising ISP in those days and their Instant Messengers was the place to be. Today, the case is different and Google, MSN and to […]