Google+ Hangouts Can Become Public Broadcasts!

Google+ started out pretty much as a much better designed copy of Facebook. The user-interface and privacy options certainly earned it some approval but people in general did not flock to it in droves. That is because, you cannot dislodge a leader (read Facebook) by just creating a clone of it. Google seems to be […]

How to Post your Updates to Google+ via SMS

In India, a lot of people still love using SMS to communicate which is pretty cheap. Google+ has now allowed users the option of getting notifications on their phone via SMS. The best part is that we can also share an update on Google+ by just sending out a text message (SMS). Adding and Verifying […]

Google+ new design makes it look even more like Facebook!

Redesigns are always a tricky part for any social network. Last year when Google+ was released, Facebook reacted with Timeline and a complete redesign. Google+ is often called a better designed clone of Facebook and it is living up to that identity by rolling out cover photos for Google+ profiles. The new design has also […]

5 Reasons Twitter Will Outlast Social Networks

When Google+ was introduced to the world, it caused a lot of excitement. Tech blogs went into overdrive about the supposed Facebook killer. Over time there is a lot of debate on Google+ failing because it has not managed to really dent Facebook. There are many people who are not too happy about Facebook either. […]

5 Things Google+ Needs to Learn from Facebook

I recently wrote how Google+ did a few things better than Facebook. In that post I promised to also visit the other side of the argument and find 5 things Facebook did better than Google+. Facebook might not have the best UI or still might not get their messaging service spot on, it does manage […]