5 Things Google+ Does Better than Facebook!

I like to use Facebook increasingly but that is mainly because, I tend to get more interaction from my friends on it. As a platform I prefer Google+. I’ve always felt, that the best social network experience would be Facebook data mixed with Google+ UI. Facebook might be many times bigger but there are still a few […]

Embed Official Google+ Badge on Your Website!

Sometime ago, Google introduced Google+ Pages for brands to have some visibility on it. To encourage visibility, website owners could embed badges of their Google+ page but unfortunately it was not available for Google+ profiles from the beginning. I am sure some people do not want to create a Google+ page for their blog or […]

Users on an Average spend only 3 minutes per month on Google+

Google+ was started with a lot of hope by web giant Google. It was supposed to be an alternative to Facebook and Google had finally managed to get social right. According to this report by WSJ, Google+ might be dying because users are simply not spending any significant time on it. The report shows that […]

Facebook testing Photo Viewer which looks just like Google+

Google+ might have borrowed just about every idea from Facebook but it does have a few original ones too. The photo viewer on Google+ displays comments on the side. This allows a lot more comments to be viewed. According to TechCrunch, Facebook is testing out something that pretty much copies the way Google+ displays its […]

Facebook and Twitter Tells Google “Don’t be Evil” With Search Tool

Google has recently started ringed in a lot of Google+ results into it’s search results. It introduced personalized results which show up when users are signed in. Twitter had its issues with the new results as it felt Google was being partial to Google+ results. For example when we search for the term ‘Facebook’ on […]

Google+ Introduces Adding Funny Text to Photos

While Facebook has moved at a snail’s speed to roll out their new Timeline design across the world, Google+ has been quietly adding more features and integration to other Google products. I do not remember where I read this before, but it is said that the best social networks are the ones that allow users […]

Add Managers to Your Google+ Pages

Sometime ago Google+ introduced the option of creating business pages. I must say that compared to Facebook Pages, Google+ has not really been adopted by brands. The main reason was that only one person could create and manage the page, which meant brands could not share control over a page with multiple Google+ users. Google+ […]