[Alert] Google Search Page to Warn Users Against Malware

Google found out recently, they received some unusual search traffic. On investigating it further they realised that it was because of malware which infected computers, sends traffic to Google through a number of proxies. To combat it, Google is proactively showing an alert to affected users (like the image below). This will warn users to […]

Exploring Google Products Through A Single Search – WDYL

Google is a search engine and we can easily search for just about anything on it. But Google also runs an email service (Gmail), Google Reader, Google Groups, it owns YouTube which streams billions of videos and much more. WDYL (what do you love from Google) is a search engine that searches for Google related […]

Which Google Products and Services are most Popular!

We all search for a lot of things online and about 70% among us use Google. Most people might be searching for news, products, maps, prices and more. The other day I was searching for the URL of Chrome’s Beta channel. I obviously used Google, but then I thought, there must be a few queries […]

Google Launches +1 to Challenge Facebook’s Growing Influence!

Almost any page I visit online now a days, I come across three buttons on every page. These buttons are retweet, FB Like and FB share buttons. This proves how traffic on the internet has also become social and is not just controlled totally by search algorithms. This meant people were now discovering new content […]

Simple Trick to get Country Specific Google Search Trends

Most bloggers might be knowing about Google trends, which shows the top 10 search trends in the United States. Just visit http://google.com/trends and you will see the latest 10 trending search queries for the United States. But, sometimes you might want to look up trends in other countries. This can be done by simply adding […]

Google images search gets swanky!

Google Search is fast becoming a favorite place for internet users to look up images online. Often we bloggers use Google image search for looking up cool images. For some reason as all things Google, its image search layout of images is quite basic and functional. Seriously Google should have a cooler way of showing images. Well […]

Google Search for Hackers, Pirates and Klingons

Are you a hacker? If you are geek then chances are you have searched Google for hacking tools. Chances are most geeks do not end up being Hackers but only fantasizing about it. Code is very important to geeks who are programmers and Google is full of them. To show their appreciation for the Geek […]

Google suggests show direct links in search bar

Today I was playing around on the Google search page and looking up interesting Google suggestions which have always had its funny posts. But Google suggest feature which automatically shows suggestions in a drop down in the search box are quite useful and probably makes its easier for people who do not use search engines […]

Use Google search for FIFA World Cup results

Google started to show a special OneBox for the FIFA World Cup, the international football tournament that started on Friday in South Africa. If you search for “world cup” or ” Fifa World Cup”, you can see a list of the teams and the upcoming matches. At the bottom of the page, Google has replaced […]