The Most Simple Way of Hiding files

A simple trick which will help you to hide files and folders in windows Operating system without using any software.

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The famous Hollywood Actress Halle Berry once said – Everybody has secrets and there are some things that nobody knows about you ! In relation to keeping secrets one of the biggest headaches of computer users is :

How do they hide their confidential and important files ? There are more than a thousand ways of hiding files and folders eg : using a software (folder lock) or creating a series of folders and sub-folders.

But have a look at the most simplest and effective way of hiding files :

Steps to HIDE the file :

  1. Say for example you have an important MS-Word file called “Accounts” which contains your important financial data and accounts.
  2. goto Control Panel – Folder Options – goto View Tab
  3. Uncheck the Option : “Hide Extensions for Known File Types” – this action will display the extensions of files in the computer
  4. 2

  5. Click Apply and OK
  6. Now the file “Accounts” will be displayed as “Accounts.doc”
  7. Rename the file from “Accounts.doc” to “accts.rrr”. You can give any filename and any extension instead of “.rrr” but ensure that the extension is not associated with any other program.
  8. 1

  9. The Computer will ask you for confirmation – Click Yes
  10. The file icon will change

Steps to VIEW the file :

  1. Open the program in which the file can be view, in the above example, open MS-Word
  2. Drag the file to the Application (MS-Word) (as shown in the picture below)
  3. 3

  4. Thats it – you can view it

CAUTION before using this technique : remember the filename and the location as-to-where have you stored the file. You can use this method with other file types also like : audio, video, presentation etc.


Rishabh Agarwal January 29, 2010

Pratik, first of all, if you call “renaming” a file, “hiding” it, then I guess you need to learn a lot of things.
Renaming is in no way same as hiding.

Now, coming to your “extension renaming” thing. If that is what you do to hide your files, your files are never really hidden. Heard of file headers? Your original files can be tracked in nanoseconds. For windows users, i don’t know, might require some software. But as a linux users, I don’t even need to take an effort. Linux will automatically open it in relevant softwares, regardless of your “RRR” extension 😛

Pratik Parekh January 29, 2010

@ Rishabh : the word “Hide” is Paradoxically used. What I intended to relate was – the confidentially of the file/data. I know this method may not be foolproof but works best as compared to other complex method especially when the same is used by Ordinary Computer User.

And this method works only for Windows, hence i have Categorized this topic under “Windows” only.

Anyways, thanks for the feedback, I appreciate your addition to this topic !

PDFGuy January 30, 2010

Look into plausible deniable encryption and stenography. Those are far more superior ways of hiding your files.

Cebu Tech Blogger January 30, 2010

Pratik, this works only (and probably effective) for software used as “stalker”. Some of these software run to scan the system for an specified file extensions regardless of the filename… changing the file extension will basically “hide” from this “stalker” (or spyware as what we called it most in security), but not with the people who will find out the file extension as convincing that they will try to open the file… Actually I am using this basic technique of hiding some files, but I am also hiding the folder where it reside, plus a password-protect app.

Pratik Parekh January 31, 2010

@ Cebu Blogger/Bert : you are right, two heads (techniques) are always better than one !!!

Abhisek January 31, 2010

This is no hiding.


Its super tips for me.

balu360 February 1, 2010

Its not Hiding.. This is what i do my s60 smart phone.. So that it wont show in gallery same for any Sony phones..

Thanks for sharing this tip.

Kanchan February 3, 2010

Good work Pratik!!!

Dr.Riddhi Mehta February 14, 2010

this is ubercool,u rock!