Enable Non-Dropbox Users Upload Files Into Your Dropbox Account

One of the main reasons why Dropbox is the best file syncing service is that there many 3rd party apps which enhance it, Dropbox has released its API long ago. A few file syncing services like Wuala haven’t released their API and this is a serious drawback. DROPitTOme is a web app with which your […]

Create Beautiful Retro and Vintage Effects in Seconds

There are many good online image editing online tools which allow ready-made effects to even micro-management of effects. Editing tools like Picnik are integrated into photos that are stored on Picasa. Pixlr – o – matic is an online photo editing tool from Pixlr, which has simpler feature and not as many confusing tweaks but […]

Simple Tool to Create Free HTML5 Slideshows of Images

In today’s world where attention spans are less and having your photos shown in a quick slide-show is better as some people might not want to look at all the photos without a preview of sorts. Slide-shows are a  great way to quickly present something on your blog website. With browsers adopting and encouraging the use […]

Create A Dashboard Of Your Favorite Links – Faveous

As a tech blogger I read a lot of stuff related to technology, thanks to Google Reader and Instapaper, these two tools makes me productive and organized. There are a bunch of tools to save links for later viewing, Read It Later, Instapaper and many more. Faveous is a new webapp similar to Instapaper but […]

[Online Tool] Chat Anonymously on Any Webpage with Chattp

Since I started blogging, I have been forced to think about online privacy. One reason is that bloggers or for that matter anyone who works online, ends up in contact with a lot of people who they do not really know as people. Mostly we can work around this problem, but sometimes there needs to […]