Get a Timeline for all your Social Networks

I basically use Facebook, Twitter and Google+ (rarely)  to connect with bloggers, college friends etc. As I share a lot of links, photos, videos and all, it’s always good to see all those updates from different social networks on just one page. Just like the Facebook Timeline (which will be public by today/tomorrow). Glossi is a […]

Send E-mails to yourself with ease using Cc:to me

Currently there are plenty of note takers available for free, from Simplenote to Evernote, but if you’re a Email junkie or someone who doesn’t like to signup for a webapp for every small thing, then you should checkout Cc:to me. Cc:to me uses a very simple approach to note taking, simpler than Simplenote (which I […]

Apps & Oranges – An App Directory That You Can Edit

Being an app junkie, I like trying new apps, in fact I’m writing this using Live Writer even though I could use WordPress’ default editor, because I prefer desktop apps. Apps & Oranges is a new software directory which aims to best permanent destination of apps. Features of Apps & Oranges Apps & Oranges is […]

[Online Tool] Simplest Way to Create Beautiful Posters!

Online posters are very popular online and often get become viral. Not everyone is a photoshop expert or even have expertise on how to go about creating posters with other image editing tools. Posterini is a nice online tool, to quickly make professional looking posters within minutes. Posterini Features Just upload an image which you […]

PrivyTalks – Encrypted Anonymous Chatting Online

(Disclosure: This is Sponsored Review.) Privacy is a big deal on the web, especially in recent times when social networks makes finding individuals very easy. Anonymity and encryption are two vital way to maintain your privacy. Also there are many instances when we want to not share our Gmail or Skype ID but use something […]

Create Disposable Email and Keep Track of Messages via RSS Feeds

The best way to stop spam is not share your email address. This is why people like using temporary or disposable email addresses. We have covered many services that allow creating temporary or disposable email addresses. Such services are ideal if you want to sign up anonymously to a forum or even if you want […]

Super Quick and Simple way to Download YouTube Videos

Internet connections are not always broadband and sometimes it is better to download your favourite YouTube Video on your computer to watch it later. I came across one of the simplest methods of downloading a video from YouTube thanks to a comment left of an older post by Andy. Lets say you love our ‘How […]

3 Free Online Tools to Check if an Email Address Actually Exists

From all the things we share online, be it funny quotes, pictures and files, the most care is taken while we email someone. It is an unspoken rule on the internet that when we expect someone to check something and respond, you email them. Unfortunately, not all email addresses are valid. Also we can get […]