Google+ Introduces Adding Funny Text to Photos

While Facebook has moved at a snail’s speed to roll out their new Timeline design across the world, Google+ has been quietly adding more features and integration to other Google products. I do not remember where I read this before, but it is said that the best social networks are the ones that allow users […]

Access Facebook on Your Mobile Phone without Internet! [Video]

Facebook India recently announced that mobile users in India can also access their Facebook accounts without the need of a internet connection, with the help of an app called Fonetwish. All you are need to do is dial *325# on your mobile phone. This will pull up a list of options via a console like […]

Automatically Delete / Purge All Tweets from Your Twitter Account

When I created by first Twitter account, it was mainly used to follow other accounts. I ended up writing some tweets without much thought even though I had no followers. Sometime later I did manage to create another Twitter account which I use more prudently as I was using it professionally. The first account I […]

PhotoLive – Simplest Online Tool to Download Facebook Albums in ZIP File

I like uploading images on my Facebook account. One could upload photos from mobile phones, laptops and tablets. I like storing all my Facebook albums on my laptop from time to time. I do that incase I decide to delete the album on Facebook or even my Facebook account someday. ūüėČ There are many software […]

Qwiki – View Video Presentations On Any Topic!

Gone are the days when finding information on some topic would mean a visit to the library. It’s the age of Wikipedia. But with the Wikipedia articles getting longer and our attention span becoming shorter, it seems another change is imminent. Qwiki is one such tool that might be helpful. Qwiki aggregates information from various […]

[Online Tip] Create and Share Short Links that Expire

There are many ways to create content online and share it publicly. One issue is sometimes the content being created is draft version of an article or even an image you are working on. You might not want the URL of such content,¬†indexed by search engines or don’t want it¬†available after a few days. Ephemurl […]