Online Tool to Compress and Optimize Image Files from Browsers

Images can take up a lot of bandwidth while being viewed on a website. It could also affect the loading speed for your website, if it has many large sized images. Also if you are into web designing, then you might like downloading all images from a particular page you are viewing. Kraken is a […]

Get Quick Related Stats of Any Website with StatMyWeb

I often come across a host of websites to write or review for this blog. Sometimes it helps to get some basic overview of information on any website. Recently I came across StatMyWeb, which has some interesting free online tools that give out stats and analysis related to just about any website. Stat My Web […]

Automatically Backup your Facebook Photos to Dropbox

On my Facebook account, I have almost everyone I have known in my life. It also is a great place to keep in touch with family and friends who live far away. I often have some nice photos uploaded from my school days uploaded by some friend of my or the other. Most friends of […]

Task Management With Facebook and Twitter Contacts – Wunderkit

There are many organisation tools online which help people organize their books marks, reminders and notes. I personally like using Doomi to make quick todo lists on my desktop or Evernote to take notes and create long term tasks. When an online tool like Wunderlist suggests, that it is a one stop solution to organize your […]

Free Alternative to Online Image Editing Tool Picnik by Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is a great piece of software for people who want to edit images. But most people need only minor tweaks and some changes. For such changes I find using Picnik very useful. Unfortunately, Google is shutting down Picnik, as a standalone online image editor. I thought of searching for some good alternative and ended […]

Online Tool To Check Your Twitter Accounts Retweet Stats!

A quick glance on your Twitter account might give you some idea, which accounts on Twitter you most interact with. For instance I tend to retweet a lot of tweets from this blog’s feed. A lot of blogger friends of mine who interact with me a lot but use ‘RT’ instead of the retweet feature. […]

Pinterest – A Potential Goldmine for Brands!

In my view Facebook and to some extent Twitter are real successes in the social media story. Google+ might be growing but it has a long way to go yet. LinkedIn is nice, but it’s focus is on professional profiles. So when a new social product come up for discussion, I get a little apprehensive. […]

Create Infographic Like Presentation of Your Twitter Account

Lately, a lot of content developers use infographics to connect with followers a lot more. Infographics are usually large image files which show trends in a graphical format. The idea is to use charts and graphs, to say something interesting without taking up a lot of time to read. But what about creating your own […]

Google Decides to Shutdown Popular Image Editing Tool Picnik

If you are fans of Picnik, the online image editing tool, here is some bad news for you. Picnik will be shut-down from April 2012 onwards. Picnik made this announcement in its blog. Picnik’s editing tools will still be available within Google+ images in the form of Creative Kit. But not all Picnik tools will […]