Convert PDF files to DOC,HTML and TXT format easily

As you might know there are many tools which convert Microsoft documents into pdf formats and we have discussed about it before. But what about the tool which does the other way around. Portable document format or PDF was created by Adobe systems for document exchange. This format is independent of the application software, hardware […]

How to make your Online PDF Search Easy?

I recently came to know about this website called PDF Search Engine that I found quite useful, and thought of sharing it with all of you here. It is a search engine that allows you to find PDF files on sites, forums and message boards.

All you need to do is type in the keyword/ name/ title of what you’re looking for and it would list the related PDF files for you.

Adding ‘Save as PDF’ Button on Blogger Blog [How-to]

This is my second post on Devils Workshop (first is here). In this post I am posting about how to can add a “Save as PDF” button to your blog so that  your readers can save your article for offline viewing and for sharing with others. This is very easy to use hack but still […]