Facebook disables Personal Information access to Developers

Facebook will soon be disabling the feature that makes phone number and personal address available for developers (Source). According to Facebook, they are disabling this feature as of now. Facebook said, Over the weekend, we got some useful feedback that we could make people more clearly aware of when they are granting access to this […]

[Privacy threat] Facebook applications can Access your Home address and Phone number

Third party application developers will be now able to access your home address and mobile phone number. Facebook mentioned recently that developers of Facebook apps can now gather the personal contact information from their users.

Preview How Your Facebook Profile Looks To Others

I was looking at my friends Facebook profile and suddenly a thought came to my mind that how my profile looks to my friends or others. Can someone view my contact info whom I do not know, I was worried about my profile privacy. Then I asked my friend for his ID and password so that I can check how my profile looks to him.

[Alert] Gawker’s Source Code & 1.4 Million Users Database is on Torrent for Download

I read somewhere longtime back that Internet is write-only medium, i.e you cannot delete once anything goes on the web! Unfortunately, for Gawker medias┬ámore than 1,400,000 registered users, above statement seem to be getting true. If you search for “gawker” keyword on any top torrent-search engines you will see list of torrents with all leaked […]

What you should do in case of Hacked Facebook account [user query]

Mail by a reader: Please help in figuring out what’s happening with my facebook account. A person whom I know but not facebook friend knows when I log in and whom I search on Facebook. How is this possible. Is my account hacked? Please explain me briefly how it is possible. Do you think the […]