Facebook launches two new security feature for “Facebook Mobile”

“Facebook”- a website that takes user privacy seriously just launched two new features for those who uses Facebook from mobile. Well not the Facebook applications like “Facebook for Blackberry” and “Facebook for iPhone” but for those who uses These features are, “Mobile Social Reporting” and “Mobile Password Reset” Let’s have a look at them.

1. Mobile Social Reporting:

Social Reporting is a feature by which you can directly report something on Facebook that you don’t like and tell the person who uploaded that to remove it. This is a nice feature but people hardly takes the stuff down mostly because they do not know the person who’s reporting personally. Facebook is now testing this feature on and will be available to all the profiles soon.

2. Mobile Password Reset:

Earlier if you weren’t able to login to your Facebook profile, you had to login to your Facebook profile from a PC and reset your password. But now you can reset your password straight from your phone using it’s browser. In case somebody hacked your profile or you forgot your password you can reset it using your mobile phone by entering either your e-mail or phone number or your Facebook username. Soon this feature will also be launched for all the Facebook profiles as well.

But these feature’s are not going to make any major difference in user experience. Reporting stuff hardly works on Facebook and very few people tries to reset their password from phone, first they always check from a PC that why can’t they login to their profile. 😛

Image credits: Facebook Inc.





“Copyright Infringement”-A policy where Facebook sucks!

Facebook is so much concerned about things we share on it. They don’t want anybody’s copyrighted content to be misused by anyone, that’s why few months back they have completely changed their “Copyright Infringement Policy”. According to this policy Facebook don’t allow anybody to use anyone’s picture or any other copyrighted material. One way to remove copyrighted material is to report it to Facebook and other way is that they regularly check the new stuff uploaded on their website but both of these methods sucks. You know why? Let’s check both of them.

1. Reporting for Copyright infringement:

When you report for a copyrighted material sometimes Facebook removes it but not most of the times, you can see thousands of fake profile on Facebook which are using other user’s picture and Facebook don’t remove it even after reporting it for so many times.

2. Facebook removing pics automatically:

Personally I feel that this is the worst feature ever launched by Facebook and it’s totally inefficient. You guys want the proof, just check the screenshot below. It’s a warning I got from Facebook on my homepage.

That means Facebook removed a picture “lunar eclipse” which was uploaded by me just because someone else claimed it as their intellectual property. But the truth is that pic was taken by me and even there’s a copyright of my name on it. Also the bad part about this feature is that they don’t ask you before removing a picture, they just remove it and leave a warning on your homepage.

There features are totally ineffective and useless, they are just disturbing normal Facebook users not the fake ones. What do you think?


Facebook upgraded its Privacy Policy

Facebook upgraded its Privacy policy, recently.

They have come across 3 principles,

  1. First, it should be easy to understand, even when the concepts are complicated, or it is of no use to anyone.
  2. Second, it should be visual and interactive, because that’s the way people use the web today.
  3. And third, it should focus on the questions people who use Facebook are most likely to ask, because that makes it relevant.

They have decided these based on the feedback received by people. This is just the draft of what it’s about to come in some days. You can comment on it and ask for changes also.

Facebook developers said,

There is still a lot of work to do, and we want your feedback to tell us if we’re on the right track and how we might make it even better.  Please leave your questions and suggestions in the comments field below.

Somewhere they also mentioned,

Our own privacy policy has been criticized as being “5830 words of legalese” and “longer than the US constitution – without the amendments.

Ha ha ! Off course, it is criticized zillions of times. Well, lets see if something improves now. Share your views with me here.


Breakup Notifier: The stalking Application is Shutdown by Facebook

Yesterday we talked about how people can stalk more using this application called Breakup notifier. Well, today Facebook blocked it !

According to TechCrunch, the developer of stalking application got an email from Facebook saying,

To ensure positive user experiences on Platform, we run routine automated screens that take user feedback, machine learning and various algorithms into account and remove spammy applications. For example, if an application is making an inordinate number of stream.publish calls and receiving a large number of user reports, it may be removed by our automated systems to protect the user experience and the Platform ecosystem.


Breakup Notifier creator Dan Loewenherz, has contacted Facebook saying he is ready to do anything but he wants to keep running this application. If you go to the Breakup Notifier website now, you will see a message saying

Facebook has blocked Breakup Notifier. We’re trying to bring it back online. Please contact Facebook on Twitter to express your displeasure!

Well, I guess Facebook took a right step here! It is good that the app got blocked by Facebook ! 🙂 But, well lets see what happens. Share your views here.


How To Enable Secure Browsing (HTTPS) on Facebook by Default

Recently Facebook launched secure browsing and social authentication. (Source) Then they said it will be soon rolled out to all the accounts, so well, here it is. I got this secure browsing feature on my Facebook account today morning.

How to enable Secure browsing (HTTPS) ?

  • Go to Account-> Account Settings.
  • Click on Account Security.
  • You will see the option for secure browsing.
  • Check the box.
  • Click on Save.

Enable the settings exactly the same way in which I have done.

As you can see in the image above, I have enabled secure browsing whenever possible. This is a good way to secure your account if you login from  different places that is cyber café or somebody else’s computer. I have also checked on the option for informing me when I login from a different computer. It asks me the name and sends me the email. You can also choose this option to keep a check on your Facebook logins. 🙂

Best thing I found out after using this secure browsing is that it doesn’t let you use the applications. Some spam that come on your Facebook, it does not let you click on them. If you click on any of the links you get a message saying

Sorry! We can’t display this content while you’re viewing Facebook over a secure connection (HTTPS).

This is like an alert, do you really wish to click ? 🙂 I think this will cut the number of spam any way. What do you think ? Share your views with me on this ?


A Google Chrome Extension which helps you maintain your privacy!

If you are one of those who have always been concerned about big players like Facebook collecting your personal browsing history, then using a Google Chrome extension can block all data flow when you visit any third-party sites which shares information with Facebook.

DW FBDisconnect1

It might be interesting for you to know that Facebook today collects usage preferences from over a million of third-party websites on the Internet. Installing Facebook Disconnect would let your  browsing history be private and safe.

DW FBDisconnect2

It’s an easy and one step process to install the Facebook Disconnect extension to your Google Chrome browser.  After installing this extension, you don’t have any preferences to set and it starts working automatically in the background by disabling all Facebook share buttons on third-party web pages. There is no shortcut key or button provided to disable the extension, so you are left only with the traditional method of going to Chrome Extensions Manager and disabling it from there.

Do share your views with me.

LINK: Chrome Extension Facebook Disconnect


Facebook Testing Secure Login and Picture CAPTCHA

I think that Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s fan page was really hacked ! 🙂 Just after that news, today Facebook developers have launched two new ways of having a secure Facebook experience (Source).

Two new Security features on Facebook

A Secured Connection:  From now on you can choose to have a https connection for Facebook. Choose this option when you are outside or think that the data could be prone to virus. Well for doing that you just need to go to your Account Settings->Account Security.

Social Authentication: Instead of social CAPTCHA Facebook is trying out the new photo CAPTCHA. 😀 Well that is you have to recognize your friend’s photo instead of a text. Well that may be hugely tricky. 🙁 It will be a threat for people who have a Facebook account for games so they don’t know maximum people in their friend list. What if the image is tagged which is a cartoon’s image and you have to guess the person’s name.

They said,

We will continue to test social authentication and gather feedback from you and the security community on how to make this and other social features safe and useful.

So, please do not worry if you cannot see all of it on your Facebook profile. It will be made available on all the profiles as soon as possible. What do you think of this step ? Do share your thoughts with me.


[Status Scam] Girl expelled From school when she Updated her Status on Facebook

Do you see any update saying see this girl got expelled from school based on something she wrote as her status update ? Well, that is once again a scam.

Truth is nobody got expelled, nothing happened its just one more scam on Facebook these days. Have a look at the image below, you may recognize the image. 🙂

I clicked on that link, as promised it didn’t show anything similar to the status update. Instead it took me to another page where I was asked to fill some surveys. I didn’t click on any of them still it posted that message on my wall.

The number of scams are increasing every single day. The best solution is to never like or click on such messages and keep deleting useless applications from you application dashboard on Facebook.

Do share your views with me. What do you think? Any solution to such problems ?


[Scam Alert] Stay Away from Profile Stalkers application

Another new Scam hits Facebook. This one says it can tell you who are your profile stalkers. Yeah right who doesn’t want to know that?

We all do, we do want to know who visited our profiles, how many times was it visited, who visits regularly or in Facebook dictionary who is the profile stalker. Somebody has to put an end on all this, please!

I saw a friend’s update on my Facebook wall. It said that she saw her Facebook stalkers and you can see yours. On clicking that link it took me to a new page that says this is a verified application of Facebook and so many people like it. Just see the image below.

On clicking enter it asks you to allow the application. One the application is allowed, it takes you a new page. Some software has to be downloaded and all. Well, firstly I don’t believe in downloading something like this and secondly this is all a scam.

As you can see in the image below, it just tricks the users into clicking the link. There is no logic behind all this. These scams are increasing like hell. Everyday I see a new one appearing. If it keeps sending this message on your friends wall then you can try removing it also (Source).

I always suggest you not to click or fall for such things. I click on these because I have to see if its working or not and tell you all. But, why do you have to click it? 🙁 Share your views with me.


[New Scam] How many Times your Profile was Viewed!

Once again a new scam hits Facebook and its users. I dont understand where do these scams come from. Well, anyways this one promises you to show how many times your profile has been viewed.

I saw this today while Facebooking ( I think this should be a word now in dictionary! ). One of my friend had published on his Facebook wall that his profile was visited several times. I also wanted to see that so I tried, and as usual I was asked to perform a number of tasks.

On clicking, none of them worked. Moreover the same amount profile visitors is shown. That is everyone had the same number of visits. This is just a waste of time. Facebook developers would be seeing these updates so why not try making one such genuine app. People love to know who visited their profile, how many times it has been viewed etc. Please do listen to us. 🙂

Well, so please don’t click such things until you are sure or you see it here. Share your views with me.