Get yourself a personal search engine with Greplin

Greplin_logoGoogle lately has received a lot of flak for not being socially relevant. This means that it still maintains a high priority to links and not what is said on social networks. This is all great, when you are searching for tutorials and other web resources but might be a problem when you want to search for a good restaurant or shop in a city. This is where usually social networks score and social search could be hot property.

Greplin is a search engine which basically allows you to connect your profiles across various web services and then search using this information.

You have to register to use this service and registration is free.

Why I would use Greplin?

One of the key reasons is I could actually hook up a lot of web-services with Greplin. This is not just about having results from Facebook and Twitter but also from other services like Dropbox, Google Apps, Google Docs, Gmail, NoteSync, LinkedIn and many more.


I liked the way it shows up results from the various services I have linked to Greplin. A useful feature is I can quickly remove some indexes and choose to have results showing from only certain sources. For example when I search for “iPad” I get a lot more results from Facebook friends while if I search for a current news story, I am more prone to get results from Twitter contacts.


I have reviewed a lot of alternative niche search engines in the past few weeks like Yippy Search and NowRelevant. Most of them have a new approach to looking up good search results but Greplin seems to have a unique and original product here.

Thanks to Anshul Dixit for the tip.

Try out Greplin and do drop in your comments.

Link: Greplin