Yahoo launches ‘Search Browser’ Axis which is actually a browser add-on!

Yahoo has launched Axis which is it calls a new search browser. I was a little surprised on why Yahoo was launching a new browser, as I would imagine its best talent would be employed in improving search and other services. Well Yahoo Axis is not exactly a browser but a set of browser extensions […]

Google Knowledge Graph: Sign of Getting Back to Basics!

Google is making changes to search results. No, these are not algorithm changes to improve the search results which usually only SEO experts and website owners care about. 🙂 This is a more visual change that shows more intelligently linked results. As seen in the image below, people using and using English, will see in […]

Facebook and Twitter Tells Google “Don’t be Evil” With Search Tool

Google has recently started ringed in a lot of Google+ results into it’s search results. It introduced personalized results which show up when users are signed in. Twitter had its issues with the new results as it felt Google was being partial to Google+ results. For example when we search for the term ‘Facebook’ on […]

Search for Google Images by Drawing with Online Tool

Google has introduced the option of reverse search for similar images by allowing users to upload a photo or even paste a link of the image. Google probably uses the same technology that is used for face recognition, to scan across the web and come up with matches. Google Image search by drawing allows users […]

6 Awesome Google Features Which Are Only Available in Chrome

Chrome being one of the most promoted products of Google has some exclusive Google features which certainly aren’t present in any other browser. I thought why not list down a few of them I know about. #1. Instant Pages This Chrome-only feature renders the webpage of the first search result when you search on Google. […]

[New Feature] View Google Related Links while Looking Up a Webpage!

Google is ramping up it’s search service big time. Recently it introduced Google+ posts being included in social search results. Now it has added a new feature called Google Related. This is a new feature which shows Google related links to any page that you are viewing. This means if you are looking up a […]