How to configure Microphone in Ubuntu 10.04 and Skype

Lately I have formatted my PC and revamped with the latest Ubuntu 10.04 and it took some time anda effort to make sure my Microphone was working in Ubuntu. Here’s how I did it, based on referring several sources and forums on the internet. Almost all users must have had problems in setting up microphone […]

How to Run Two Or More Skype Instance On the Same Computer

I always prefer streamlining my personal and professional life and I do it by using multiple Facebook account, multiple IM accounts, multiple Twitter account and so on. We have already talked about how to run  multiple Gtalk accounts and multiple Yahoo messenger account. In this post I will be talking about how you can run […]

Skype is Sold

Finally, the days of deals for out ever loved VOIP communication software, Skype have ended and it has been sold. Skype, which was originally acquired by the online auction giant, eBay has been sold and the deal is completed. The confirmation is given on the Official Skype Blog The investor group is led by Silver […]