Facebook’s new feature; get to know when your friend reads your message

A couple of days back, top social networking website added a new and a very clever feature. As usual there was no official information about this feature as they have not updated their official blog since January ’12. The new feature is related to the messages you send to your friends. This feature is just like the […]

Write in Strikethrough and Underlined text on Facebook [How-To]

We have another cool trick for all the Facebook lovers. This time we will tell you how you can update your Facebook status or even comment on other’s statuses with Underlined or Strikethrough text. Before this I want to clear one thing that writing a text in Strikethrough in MS Word and then copying and pasting […]

How to save images from Facebook for BlackBerry [Without App]

Facebook for BlackBerry; a technically not so good application with some bugs and lots of missing features but still millions are using it as they are using BlackBerry devices and they don’t have any other option. Of course they can use mobile browser for accessing Facebook but Facebook for BlackBerry is a better option. A […]

How to hide some/all family relations from Facebook profile

Sometimes your friends on Facebook just add you randomly to their family member’s list on the sidebar or info page of the new Facebook Timeline profile. People obviously like adding so many brothers and sisters or other family relations on their profile but the other person not necessarily like it whom they are sending family […]

How to enlarge Google+ Display/Profile Pictures

There’s a new hack of Google plus, a not so popular social networking website but everyone who’s using Facebook is having a Google+ account too. This post will tell you how you can enlarge a profile picture or display picture or simply dp of any profile on Google+.The best part of this hack is that […]