How to save a protected image from Flickr

If you like uploading your photos to online photo sharing websites just because they are safe and no one can save protected images from it then think before you upload. These websites are not 100% safe and anyone can save pictures from it as there are thousand ways to do that. Let’s take an example […]

How to Backup/Export your Facebook contacts

This post tells you the easiest way to backup or export your Facebook contacts and their E-Mail using Yahoo. Exporting Facebook contacts is very useful specially in two cases. First one is when you want to make a new account on Facebook and wants your older friends back, in such case you can import all […]

How to remove publishing rights of applications

Two days back, we told you How to remove/block unwanted applications on Facebook. But if you don’t wanna remove that application or block it and it’s annoying you by publishing useless updates on your wall just because you clicked ‘Grant Permission’ while installing that application to your profile, here’s a solution for you. It’s easy […]

How to post animated status on Facebook

Unlike Google+,  Faceboook don’t allow it’s users to post animation on their profile or anywhere else on their website. But we know that impossible is nothing in this world. Let’s see how we can post an animated status on Facebook. 😉 I just found a profile posting .gif animations with it’s status updates. These animations […]

How to permanently delete your Facebook account

Well before reading this tutorial further let me clear one thing that this post tells you how to permanently delete your Facebook account, you can not get it back once deleted. Please note that deleting account is totally different from deactivation an account. In Facebook website, you don’t have any option of deleting the account […]

[ALERT] Vodafone Mobile Balance Transfer Trick

If you have a pre-paid account there is a very good chance that you will be familiar with this situation where you need just Rs.20 more of balance to make or continue that one important call. 🙂 Vodafone has a feature which allows people to transfer Balance from one phone to another. I came across […]

[Trick] Turn Google Translate to Google Beatbox

I absolutely love imitating those recorded voices with their emotionless tones. “This service is currently unavailable”. 😛 This post will give you the trick to make Google Translate’s recorded message to a crazy beat box rap. By simply typing in a few cheats you will be able to hear extremely catchy beats on Google Translate.

Exclude a website from real-time search results with Google [Tips]

Yesterday I covered real-time results with Google search. The results shown with real-time are continuous as they are published on the internet. I feel this is great and I can even create Google alerts directly from the search page. The only issue was if I was searching for a real-time results about a certain event […]

Respond to your friend request even when you are blocked from adding new friends

Facebook ban its users from sending friend requests when they engage in a behavior  which may be abusive for other users i.e when you send too many friend requests,after you are banned you can’t even accept friend requests sent to you by people and you find yourself stuck,if you want to respond to friend request […]