How to Share your phone number on Facebook with selected friends only

Most of the social networking website users don’t share their personal contact information like phone number e.t.c cuz of the risk that it might get misused. And it’s true either but not for Facebook as you have an option of sharing each and every information with all, some or few friends from your friend list. […]

How to make your Facebook ‘live feed’ more live [News Feed Solution]

It’s just few days of the launch of Facebook new ‘News Feed’. Doesn’t matter if people are totally against it, everyone is still using Facebook normally and spending the same time of day on it. So today I am writing about how to make your ‘Live Feed’ more active but please note that this post […]

How to protect your Orkut Album Pics from being saved [Orkut Trick]

There are a lot of tips and tricks available for saving Orkut album pics and even we mentioned some of them on Devils Workshop. One is saving pics via dragging and dropping it on the address bar and the other one is enabling right click on the pics.

But here’s a very simple trick where you can protect your album pics in just few clicks.