Thank You Kontera for Giving us Affiliate Program…

Kontera Logo Kontera, as I said earlier is my second largest source of revenue. Coincidentally, its second oldest advertising program I signed up for, after Google Adsense!

First something about Kontera…

Kontera is a In-Text advertising program. The double-underlined hyperlinks on this blog and at many other places on Internet is by Kontera.

Although its contextual in nature like Adsense, the way they serve ads make it unique. So you can safely use Kontera along with Google Adsense. More details are here

My story with Kontera…

It was August 2006. I was new on blogosphere. Like most fellow bloggers, I started with blogspot and Adsense. I was so naive that I did not know what feeds, wordpress, paypal and other bloggers favorite jargon means.

All I had, one friend Anil Wadghule in entire blogosphere who was never interested in making money out of his blog and my faith in this medium to make living out of it.

So I started my search for ways to monetize my blog and somehow landed up on kontera. At that time, the only thing caught my eyes was simplicity to use Kontera. So I signed up for Kontera on August 28, 2006.

It took more than one year to get my first $100 payment but that’s altogether a different story. All I can say now, I am the person to blame for that.

Coming back to Kontera Affiliate Programs…

Although they never promoted it aggressively, Kontera do have an affiliate program. But its requirements are..

  1. Publisher has run kontera ads for at least 3 months.
  2. Publisher earns $100 or more each month.
  3. Publisher is in good standing with Kontera.

So its not open for new joiners by default. But don’t worry as there is an alternative ‘invite a friend’ program which also works good. (read more…)

Thanking Kontera…

Yep, as you might have guess by now I am into the Kontera affiliate program now. And reason to thank for is, I have given this privilege despite failing to complete all of above three requirements.

I am yet to make $100 per month, but considering my good and long standing with Kontera, Vered Avrahami, Publisher Services Manager at Kontera, decided to give me a chance after our 8 days of email discussion.

Of course it will help me make some more bucks without a doubt, but what’s more important in this case is, they make me feel honored. 🙂

So thanks a ton kontera and specially Vered for this. I feel it would not have been possible without Vered. She is nice, quick and encouraging throughout the discussion.

It has bees said, A man is known by the company he keeps, but I must say here for Vered, A Company is known by people they keep! 🙂

Link: Sign-up for Kontera