Top 5 websites for converting YouTube videos to MP3

Yea you read it write. Its easy and free !

We have seen previous posts on DW about how to download videos from various sources. But sometimes its just the song,lecture or a speech that you want, which you can put into your iPod, music player etc. The following websites provide the free service of converting your favorite non-copyrighted videos into mp3s directly. You can choose what quality to convert into, with respect to the bit rate, and also select the hosting website in some cases.

Image Credits: Mohsin Patel


This site provides mp3 conversion from youtube and also asks its visitors to donate through PayPal , although that is optional. Although it did take more time to provide search results to a particular video or a search term.


The simplest of the lot , it does your job without any hassles,   although this works only for youtube videos.


This website offers conversion from yotube and dailymotion. They also provide mozilla firefox and google chrome add-ons. There are standard and high quality options one can choose from, while downloading the required mp3s.


Easy-to-use interface for quick conversion. Videos from Youtube, Google, Yahoo and Flickr can be converted into mp3.


Another cool website which can convert video files from youtube  to multiple formats such as mp3, mp4, 3gp, avi, flv etc. This website alos gives you the option of converting your own personal video that you may have recorded on your own, into an mp3.

Firefox plugin

A useful plug-in on Firefox which does the conversion. Instructions to download and use the plug-in can be found here.

Do try all the websites listed above to convert your favorite songs, speeches and rare videos into mp3. Drop in your comments, feedback and reviews below.


vector December 5, 2010

Thanks for this rather useful article

Omkar Joglekar December 5, 2010

hey thanks bro 🙂 loved ur shopping blog 🙂

arik December 7, 2010

i always use Youtube-mp3. fast and simple.

kozaki January 16, 2011

Glad you wrote this detailed bit of informatio Omkar , it’s very helpful (also links do work til 2day 🙂

Omkar Joglekar January 17, 2011

Thanks! 🙂

Saket Jajodia January 25, 2011

Hey! Thanks for sharing I was searching for such sites…