Wordoff cleans up MS Word content when copied to WYSIWYG editors

As a blogger and editor with DW, I have often had posts which I have reviewed written in MS Word and then copy pasted into WordPress post editor. This can cause a lot of formatting issues and subsequently a headache for someone reviewing it. 😛

I came across a nice website called WordOff which removes formatting issues that pop up when content is copy pasted from MS Word to WordPress WYSIWYG editor.

Features of WordOff

  • When you come across a messy article which was copied from MS Word and pasted into a WYSIWYG editor just copy it all and paste it into the text box with WordOff.
  • Now click on clean up and all the mess is instantly cleared up.
  • It removes all the empty elements.
  • <span>s and <div>s are completely removed from the formatting.
  • Finally the dreaded consecutive line breaks are also sorted out by being reduced.

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Try out WordOff if you are having issues clearing by the mess which is created by MS Word when copied and pasted. If you know of any alternatives do drop in your comments.

Link: WordOff


Anshul Dixit August 9, 2010

That is really gonna make life easy for you Aditya :P..

I feel that who ever is sending a guest post should preview it once and remove the formatting errors themselves before submitting. If not all, at least the basic ones. Best is to use WLW.

Aditya Kane August 10, 2010

I know best is to use WLW. But I usually dont try to bombard first time writers with too much information or tips.

Gourav Jain August 17, 2010

Nice information Aditya. Its really helping me a lot.

Aditya Kane August 18, 2010

glad its useful to you.

Ankit October 28, 2011

Aditya, I use Notepad for removing any formattings which come from MS-office. No need of any online website even.

Richard August 28, 2013

Does anybody know where WordOff has gone to, where it can be found now (mid 2013)? It seems to have been replaced by a game, and the wordoff.org site is vacant. It was The Best for getting the rubbish out of html.