Yahoo Meme to Shut Down!

Almost two and a half years ago, Yahoo rolled out Yahoo Meme. It was supposed to be a Twitter killer. It allowed more than 140 charachters, allowed inserting photos or videos and more. I personally also found it a very attractive design but it simply could not match up to Twitter.

Today Yahoo has announced that they are shutting down Yahoo Meme. New registrations will be stopped from 25th April and on 25th May 2012, all the URL will be inaccessible.

How to Export Your Data from Yahoo Meme

If you  have been active on Yahoo Meme, it might be wise to backup or export all your photos and status messages you shared on it. You can use your Google ID to export all your data from this link.

You can also delete your Yahoo Meme account from this link.

To be honest this was expected. It was probably the worst of all the social spinoffs failures which include the likes of Google Buzz.

I will add that it is not surprising to see yet another Yahoo product losing steam and being closed down. Yahoo has not been a technology leader and its empire has been in decline for the better part of the last decade.

What are your views on Yahoo Meme? Did you ever create an account there and did you use it? Do drop in your comments.


Yashwant March 27, 2012

To be true, I was not aware about Yahoo meme before reading this post. Opened it for the first time today and found it a bit difficult to use. Twitter is far simpler and better. I can’t understand how could Yahoo even think of killing twitter with Yahoo Meme. Let’s wait and watch what other things yahoo shuts down in near future.

Terminal March 28, 2012

A lil typo in the second paragraph. I think by mistake you mentioned Yahoo instead of Yahoo Meme. “Today Yahoo has announced that they are shutting down Yahoo”

Aditya Kane March 28, 2012

@Terminal: Thanks for spotting it. Corrected. 🙂

Jai March 30, 2012

this is the exact why I hate Yahoo services, they will always start things and fail to keep them alive.. they suck…!!!