TIP – Check How Good Your Resume is with Online Tool

Fresh out of college when I started job hunting, I found out was that I was completely clueless on how to go about writing my Resume. I wish I had something like RezScore back then which is a free online tool that grades your Resume and gives suggestions on how to improve it.

RezScore Features

  • Upload your resume and chose if you want a grade or also job leads. Click on Rezscore to get a grade for your Resume.

  • The analysis of the Resume is pretty decent and gives good advice on improving ones resume. For example how many people know that first person references should ideally be avoided in a resume.
  • Other impressive features shows which industries is your Resume the strongest for. This is helpful as it might help you tweak your resume to target a particular industry better.
  • RezScore is a free online tool and does not require registration.

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Do try out RezScore and drop in your comments. Also drop in any other online tips you have used for improving your resume.

Link: RezScore


Manendra March 26, 2012

My REZSCORE was “C” I never heard this type of analyzer this was interesting and giving good tips to improve its quality. Thanks for sharing a use full link.

Irfan March 28, 2012

It was “C” for me as well. Really a great tool to analyse resumes. One can analyse it before submitting it to any place.