YouTube allows videos to be unlisted

Almost everyone reading this might have their own favorite YouTube channels and videos. As a blogger I sometimes create videos of certain features I am covering so readers can get a better perspective. Obviously all these videos are listed publicly and available for anyone to view even without the need to sign-in to their YouTube account.

Personal videos taken of friends and family function can also be shared by having these videos saved as Private and allowing only certain YouTube accounts to view it. What happens if there is friend who wants to see a private video but does not have a YouTube account?

Google now has a third option which is videos can now be saved as unlisted.

  • The new feature will now not list the video in any search or channel.
  • It will not show up as video under your account either unless you own that account.
  • All someone needs to view the video is get the URL of the video. With only the link someone view the video. So it restricts viewing to only people who know the url of the video. 😉

YouTube has really ratcheted up its design and features to allow for better sharing and viewing of videos. This one feature will make people use it more often for personal videos. So what do you think about unlisted videos? Will you be using them? Do drop in your comments.


Techgyo May 13, 2010

Yeah this thing was necessary for privacy in Youtube

Aditya Kane May 14, 2010

Yes, i guess this is like a bridge between private and public videos.

Hector May 14, 2010

What is the difference between “Unlisted” and “Private” Option!!

Aditya Kane May 14, 2010

“Unlisted” videos can be viewed by anyone who knows the URL of the video even if they do not sign in to YouTube but with “Private” videos only certain YouTube accounts can view that video which are allowed by the owner of the video. That does mean you need to sign-in to YouTube before viewing that video.

Hector May 14, 2010

Thnx…I read the article in a hurry, it was right there. I just bothered you without reason!! I was taking a cue for my own article on same line…..:)

You people doing a great job here…Love your work and awesome newsletter…(it comes to my private mail, not this on)


AVU4U July 3, 2010

I hope that this YouTube feature will prevent download/theft sites like from letting people steal our YouTube videos. With this service the thieves at sites like will hopefully not be able to download any more videos. At AVU4U we make our videos for streaming not download stealing by the thieves at