Your Posts, Your AdSense Ads! Our New Revenue Sharing Program

Almost a year ago I opened Devils Workshop for guest authors as well as co-authors. Now its time to take this initiative to the next level with our new revenue sharing program, which will allow all authors to display Google AdSense content ad unit all of their posts.

What makes this revenue sharing program unique is that ONLY your Adsense content unit will be shown on your posts. In fact if you are irregular blogger or don’t want to go through hassle of maintaining your own blog, then you can earn much more through this revenue sharing program as every post you publish here will be read by large reader community.

Also if you are a niche blogger then you can use Devils Workshop as a platform to publish your off-topic articles. As an example, lets assume you have a dedicated blog about Google but you recently discovered something really cool which is not at all related to Google, rather than tipping off another blogger you can publish it here by yourself.

If you like to know more about it, please read this. If you have registered previously, use this guide to configure your AdSense ads.

Link: Writing for Devils Workshop

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