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Share Your Google Drive Files Directly on Google+


Since Google Drive was launched earlier this year, I use it a lot of creating and sharing documents. I even use it to store photos, slideshow presentations and home videos. Since today, users can share their files from Google Drive directly to their Google+ accounts and others can view these files directly from their Google+ […]

Google+ has 100 million Monthly Active Users


Google+ might not be as popular as Facebook and without previous data about daily active users, it was difficult to really claim it was successful. But today, according to Vic Gundotra (Senior Vice President, Engineering) of Google has revealed that Google+ has over 100 million active monthly users. Google+ might have 100 million monthly active […]

Narendra Modi on Google+ Hangout: Indian Politics Just Got More Social


Google+ might not be getting a lot of buzz but its Hangout feature is being increasingly adopted. So it is not very surprising, that Gujarat’s Chief Minister, Narendra Modi will be on a Google+ Hangout session which will be available  on YouTube Live. Google+ Hangouts is not new to politicians using it for interactive sessions. […]

Google+ to Give Custom URL To Verified Users


In many ways, Google+ has steadfastly built a sort of Facebook clone but with a much better design. It has consistently added features likes verified profiles and pages, pages for brands and businesses and Google+ Events. One place where Facebook rules is its ability to allow brands to interact with fans. Many companies so much […]

Hangouts for Gmail Users: Smartest Move for Google+

Hangouts for Gmail Users: Smartest Move for Google+

A lot my friends from the blogosphere consider Google+ a flop show. But despite the flop status, it enjoys a very popular service called Hangouts. Google+ Hangouts allows users to video chat with many users at the same time. Hangouts are popular on tablets and even mobile phones. Google has announced that Hangouts for Gmail […]

Birthday Notifications Arrive on Google+

Birthday Notifications Google+

It looks like Google+ is rolling out Birthday notifications. This morning as I logged into my Google+ account, I was shown a pop-up to confirm if my birth date should be shared with my circles, so that they can wish me on my birthday. With the recent introduction of Google+ Events, it was expected that […]

Facebook Scores Lowest in User Satisfaction: Google+ Scores Highest

Facebook Scores Lowest in User Satisfaction: Google+ Scores Highest

According to The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ASCI) Facebook users are most unhappy with their service in the social media industry. On the other hand their biggest competitors Google+ score highest from their users. Facebook has 61% of its users satisfied with the service in 2012. That number has dropped by 5% from 2011. Google+ in far […]

How to Transfer Google+ Circles from One Account to Another


If you have ever wanted to transfer your Google+ circles between multiple Google accounts, good news! Google Takeout now lets you do just that. Google Takeout was a service released to let you download all your data stored in your Google account – that includes Picasa albums, Contacts, Docs, +1’s and much more. Transfer Your […]

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