Delete your Credit Card details from Facebook ads without adding a new one [How-to]

Are you a blogger or a Facebook Page owner? Then the most trending thing these days on Facebook for you must be Facebook ads and sponsored posts. Lots of websites, bloggers and bigger brands are promoting their products using Facebook ads. It’s a good way to interact with customers of similar interest.

As expected the rolling in to this ad program is easy but it’s difficult to opt out. The only reason why I am saying this is that they will store your Credit Card Details and you cannot delete it without providing details of another payment method. Even if you don’t have any active ads there but there’s always a risk that they might charge you for your ads if you click something mistakenly or you have selected “promote my latest post” while creating an ad campaign.

To avoid this you have following two options in which you don’t need to enter another payment option:

1. Closing your ads account completely:

First option that you have is to close your Facebook ad account. This will suspend your Facebook Ad account and indirectly all your payment options associated with it will be deleted. To do this, click on the Gear icon on the header of your Facebook page and select “Manage Ads” from the list.

After that click Settings from the left sidebar and then click Close Ads Account as shown below.

Just confirm your suspension after that and you account will be closed. This will also delete all your payment and credit card details.

2. Directly deleting your Credit Card:

You can also delete your credit card details directly but not by visiting “Ad Manager”, rather you can delete it from the account settings itself. This method is simple but I recommend you to suspend your Ads first as given in the above method.

You can directly delete it by going to your account settings page. After that click “Payments” from the left sidebar and check your payment methods by clicking “Manage” on that page as shown below. Click remove to delete your payment method.

That’s it, by using these two methods you don’t have to enter alternate payment details and you can easily opt out of Facebook ads program. Please drop a comment below for any assistance regarding Facebook ads.
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How to enable Facebook Public Profiles

Facebook Public Profiles, a very important feature specially for bloggers who want to show their Facebook profile on their website.   It’s a very nice and easy way to interact and stay connected with your blog’s readers. But we all know that nothing is easy on Facebook. If your public profile is disabled then it will show content unavailable page as shown below:

Let’s tell you how to enable your Public Profile.

How to Enable Facebook Public Profiles?

For this you have to change two major settings in your Facebook account.

  1. Enable Public Search: First of all enable public search i.e. anyone can search you on Facebook and outside it. For this go to your Privacy Settings (Click Here) and click “Edit Settings” for “Ads, Apps and Websites”. Check the screenshot below:
    Now scroll down the page and click “Edit Settings” Button for “Public Search”. Now check the box “Enable Public Search”.
  2. Secondly go to your Privacy Settings (Click Here) again and click “Edit Settings” for “How You Connect”. Then select “Everyone” from the drop down list for “Who can look you up using the email address or phone number you provided?” and click done.

That’s it, now log out of Facebook and open your profile’s link; it will show your Public Profile. A highly recommended  suggestion to you is that you should always allow your blog readers or other Facebook users to subscribe to your public updates else there’s no use of a public profile. To allow subscribers subscribe to your profile simply check the “Allow Subscribers” box on this page.

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See friendship between any two people on Facebook [How-to]

Long time back Facebook introduced a feature by which you can see friendship between you and your friend. Later they extended it to see friendship between your friends but do you know that you can also use this to see friendship and mutual friends or likes between any two people on Facebook doesn’t matter if they are in your friend’s list or not? Let’s see how you can do this.

How to see friendship between two people?

The basic link to see the friendship between two friends is this:

where Sauravjit and aditya.kane are the usernames of me and my friend.

Now suppose that I want to see friendship between two people who are on Facebook but they are not friends say profile.1 and profile.2 (both are usernames of the respective profiles). For that I just have to replace Sauravjit with profile.1 and aditya.kane  with profile.2 and it will show friendship between the two.

What is a username?

Username is a unique name or ID of every profile on Facebook. You can find anyone’s username on Facebook by opening his/her profile and see the link in address bar. The text after will be the username of that profile. For example the link of my profile is: , so my username is Sauravjit.

Use of checking friendship between two people?

Using this trick will help you if you want to see mutual friends or likes or even tagged photos between any two people on Facebook depending upon the privacy level of that profile.

If it’s not showing any data then either the friends/photos are locked or there is no mutual content between the two. I hope this trick will help some of our readers who love to check random profiles of friends. 😉

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Set specific websites to automatically open in Chrome’s Incognito Mode

Chrome users have a useful feature on the browser called Incognito Mode. It basically disallows information on the webpages you visit from being stored on the browser. It also deletes all new cookies after the incognito mode is closed.

This is useful for looking up websites without the need to clear caches all the time. But usually we need incognito mode only for certain websites.

Incognito This is a nice little Chrome extension that allows users to open a specified webpage directly in incognito mode. For instance whenever I type in ‘’ in the address bar, I can set the page to open in incognito mode automatically

How it works!

  • Download the extension on your Chrome browser (the link is at the end of the post).
  • Once the extension is installed on your browser a incognito mode icon appears next to the browser omni bar (address bar).
  • Right-click on the icon and look up the options. In Options or the preferences of the extension, we can add a URL that is set to automatically open in incognito mode as seen in the image below.

  • Additionally we can visit any webpage and click on the extension’s icon and it opens the page in incognito mode.

Try out incognito this and drop in your comments.

Link: Incognito This

Things you should keep in mind before updating your Facebook cover picture

Facebook cover pictures, a very nice and popular feature of Facebook Timeline Profiles, but this can also be one of the worst thing of your profile if you are not using it properly. Also while using your own picture as cover you should always keep the privacy thing in mind. Here are few tips and suggestions for you before you upload a cover picture.

  1. Cover pictures are the banner of your profile, it should be good as this is the first thing that a visitor is going to see on your profile. You can choose from thousands of beautifully designed and free cover pictures available online on different websites. Google it to visit such websites.
  2. The orientation of the picture should be landscape not portrait.
  3. The exact size of a Facebook cover picture is 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall, try avoiding pictures smaller than this standard size else it will stretch your image.
  4. Make sure that nothing in the cover picture is hiding behind your profile picture, for example it’s not a good idea to hide one of your friends behind your profile picture in a group photo. You can try merging your cover and profile picture to avoid this situation.
  5. In case you are updating your own picture please keep in mind that these pictures are public and visible to 900 million other users of Facebook. Unfortunately it’s not possible to make cover pictures album private. If you still want to upload your own picture then it’s always a good idea to delete the older pictures in cover pictures album. You can upload them again anytime you want to.
  6. Even if you remove your current cover pic, this will not make the cover picture album hidden. People can still view your older cover pictures.
  7. Don’t upload same picture every time, to reuse a picture as your cover go to your timeline, rollover mouse to cover picture and click “Change Cover”. Then click “Choose from Photos…” from the drop down list. 
  8. Reposition the photo properly; the main subject of that picture should be visible on your profile. Avoid cutting body parts or faces as this will look bad.

These are some tips which will guide you to upload a cover pic that will look good keeping your safety in mind. Stay connected for more Facebook Tips.

How to reset your BlackBerry ID password [Direct Link]

Are you trying to login to your BlackBerry ID from your smartphone and getting a wrong username/password error again and again? Then it’s always a good idea to reset you password after 2 or 3 unsuccessful attempts or else your ID will be blocked. We will tell you how you can reset your Blackberry ID password in just few steps.

  1. Click on this link for your PC or Phone’s browser. This will open the password reset page. Alternatively you can click “Forget Password” link given on the login page.
  2. Enter your username i.e. your BlackBerry ID E-mail and then enter the image verification code. After that click submit.
  3. Now check your E-mail mailbox by logging in to your E-mail account and open the password reset mail. Don’t forget to check your spam/junk mails if it’s not there in your inbox.
  4. Click on the “Password Reset Link” given in that E-Mail after the text “To change your BlackBerry ID password, simply visit”. This will open a new page. Enter your new password twice on that page and click Submit.
  5. Now try logging in with your new password. In case you’re getting an error please drop a comment below.
(via BB Help Blog)

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8 Tips to avoid getting blocked from adding people on Facebook

Most of the people on Facebook are blocked these days for adding new friend. We already told you the reasons behind this ban and its after effects (Click here if you missed it). Here are few tips to tell you how you can avoid such bans and why you should avoid them.

Avoid getting blocked from adding people:

  • Don’t send a friend request to every profile you visit. Facebook Algo might ban you if you add people with no mutual friends.
  • You can add strangers but avoid sending so many requests together. Give at least one day gap and wait for the other person to accept the pending request first before you send a new one.
  • If someone’s not accepting your request and kept it pending, it is highly recommended to cancel your friend request.
  • In case you are adding a stranger, try sending a message first, talk and make sure that he/she will accept you request. Only then you should send it.
  • Please note that sending messages to strangers is now considered as a spam as well. Even if you are sending too many messages to users who are not in your friends list, Facebook might ban you for adding friends.
  • Don’t try to add people when you are banned. Facebook may increase your period of ban.
  • Once banned, there is no need to cancel pending friend requests, this hardly makes a difference. But there’s a possibility that someone you added might report you as unknown to Facebook.
  • Accept incoming friend requests from the ‘Friend Requests’ page i.e. not from the sender’s profile directly.

You should always avoid such type of bans as Facebook won’t allow you to add persons after the ban even if you know them. This will also ban you from sending messages to people who are not in your friends list. Personally even I don’t like this feature of Facebook where we cannot make online friend whom we don’t know personally. But since we’re addicted to Facebook, so we have to accept it in the way it is. I recommend you not to add any stranger directly; you can always poke someone with a mutual friend. If you get a poke in return then there’s a possibility of request getting accepted. 😉

Stop getting useless notifications from a post on Facebook [How-to]

The latest trend on Facebook these days is to tag friends on a picture in order to get more likes and comments. Tagging friends on a picture is the best way to share it with large number of people on Facebook but most of the times it annoys users mainly because of the comment notifications they start getting after the tag.

Well not just the post, you will start getting notifications even if you comment of someone’s status, picture or any post. Let’s see how you can stop such notifications.

How to stop getting useless notifications?

  1. Open the picture or post you’re tagged in or any other post where you’ve posted a comment.
  2. On that post, there will be a link ‘Unfollow Post’ given with the ‘Like’ and ‘Comment’ links, click on that. This ‘Unfollow Post’ link will be there only if you are getting notifications from that post, else it will not appear. Check the screenshot below:

Once you click the ‘Unfollow Post’ link, you will be unsubscribed from that post and Facebook will not send any notification to you related to that post. Same thing can be done for tagged pictures as well. You will still be tagged but you will not get any notification. If you want to get notifications again; click on ‘Follow Post’. This link will appear when you click on ‘Unfollow Post’.

So next time there’s no need to remove a tag, you just have to click a link that’s it. 🙂

How to combine your profile and cover picture on Facebook

We know that now we have an option of adding Cover Photos to our Facebook profile in the Timeline profiles. But it’s a difficult task to select what to upload as your cover to make your profile look cool. Don’t worry we have something for you which will make your profile design awesome. A way by which you can merge your profile picture and cover photos. Let’s see how you can do it.

Merging your Cover and Profile Picture:

Step 1: Open the website and click on Merge Profile and Cover Photo. There are some other effects too. You can check them out as well.

Step 2: After that upload a picture that you want to make as your cover picture, that website will make your profile picture according to your cover pic. You can also use your current cover photo directly, just click on “f Cover Photo” button on the website.

Step 3: Now select the area that you want to make as cover picture and that website will make profile picture accordingly. See the screenshot below. Click “Done” after the selection.

Step 4: Like their page if you are using the website for the first time. After that you can download your cover and profile picture separately. Upload respective pictures to Facebook.

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How to leave a message conversation on Facebook

There’s a feature in Facebook messages where you have an option of starting a group message thread. In such message conversations anyone can post a message in that thread which will be delivered to all of the members of that conversation.

This is a useful feature but most of the times it ends up spamming the inbox. Unfortunately deleting the thread is not going to work as it will start showing the thread again once somebody posts a reply.

This is a quick post for solution of this problem; here is how you can get rid of such conversations:

1. Open the conversation in your inbox.

2. Now click on “Actions” button on the top of that conversation and select “Leave Conversation…”

3. Then you will see a message “You will stop receiving messages from this conversation and people will see that you left.” Click “Leave Conversation” again to confirm.

Then you will see “You left the conversation”. After that you won’t receive any message from that conversation. Click here to read more Facebook tips and tricks.