10 Most Popular Posts This Week! [31 Oct – 06 Nov 2011]

Social media is playing a big part in our lives and Facebook along with Google+ are the most in news with their problems, features and updates. But sometimes they are in the news as competitors to each other and it is no wonder the most popular post of week was one that pitted Facebook against its rival Google+.


10 Most Popular Post This Week!

  1. Showdown: Google+ Vs. Facebook
  2. Flowchart to Decide Which Social Network to Post on!
  3. How to Opt Out of Facebook’s ‘Timeline’ Feature
  4. Get iPhone UI on Your Android Phone
  5. Google’s Galaxy Nexus Opens Registration in India
  6. Google Reader Gets Revamped to Mixed Response!
  7. Google+ Gets Integrated with YouTube and Chrome
  8. Google Gets the World to “Do a Barell Roll”
  9. How to Recover Your Old Google Reader Data
  10. Online Tool to Upload MP3 file to YouTube – mp32tube

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