Online Tool to Upload MP3 file to YouTube – mp32tube

When it comes to listening to audio files on your computer or iPod, everyone likes having the files in mp3 format. When I search for music online, I end up like most people, looking up the song on YouTube. This is because you will come across a lot of audio files on YouTube with just a image being played as video. This is a boon for people who upload their own music online and want to tap into the popularity of YouTube.

Use Mp32Tube, a web tool that easily allows you to upload your MP3 files onto YouTube.


  • Upload your MP3 file and add a name and description.
  • Also make sure you add the proper keywords and a new image to go with your file.
  • Send this file to YouTube or even create an AVI file.

Make sure while you upload music files, you are not breaking any copyright laws. As if the file is removed from YouTube, it might affect your account reputation on YouTube.

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Link: MP32Tube

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