Add Comment into Google Buzz Via Email [Tech Update]

Google Buzz is buzzing a lot these days. The main reason for Google Buzz popularity is that it is integrated in Gmail itself, which makes conversation easy in Google buzz. But the people who are not using Gmail, finds difficult to make comments in Buzz.


For This reason, Google has came up with new feature which allows you to comment to Google buzz post without having to visit Buzz through email, you just need to reply to email and you can be a part of conversation.

This is not enough, Google also gave a good surprise to all the people who love to share pictures online, now you can easily share albums with your friends in the buzz photo viewer. No need to choose few photos and share like earlier.

I guess Google buzz is going to rock with these two features and according to Google there are lots more surprises in its bag. So just wait for more news, we will surely keep you updated on Devils’ Workshop.

You can read more details on Google’s Official blog

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One Comment

Cindy February 17, 2011

Some one tagged my on their Friends Buzz, I cannot remove the tag off my FB profile. I want it it off and there is no way to do it. I don’t have or want a gmail account. I think this is a huge intrusion. I should be the one to post what ever pictures I want and to remove the ones that I don’t. I think this is just another way to push their produt.. The only way to remove this is to delete the friend or my own accunt