Create Restart Icon on Your Desktop to restart your PC with a single click

Restart, is the function that which makes us to start our computer again by clearing any pending errors, or to bring system to normal position in controlled manner, or after finishing downloads few of the software or drivers etc asks for restarting the computer and there are many other reasons for us to restart our […]

Top 5 Free Softwares to Reveal your Asterisk hidden password

A password is a secret word, that provides the access to the resource. As a password does the job of protecting our personals from mail accounts, PDA’s to credit cards and many more. There might be few situations like you have registered for a services like GTalk, Yahoo Messenger, Live Messenger etc, and in hurry […]

Top 5 Free Domain Name System(DNS) services

DNS is a naming system for computers, services, or any other kind of resources that are connected to Internet or other networks. The main purpose of DNS is, it translates the domain names into numeric identifiers associated with networking equipment, so that we can locate and address these devices worldwide. DNS acts as an Organized phone-book […]

Top 6 Websites to make free International calls

International callling is now made easy due to rapid development in Networking over the past years. Many Organizations regardless they are Small or Large have been offering these services. Due to raise in competition among these companies, now to survive some organizations are providing the free International calling services. Calling is divided into 2 categories. PC-PC […]

Top 5 Demonoid Torrent Site Alternatives

Demonoid is a website and Bit Torrent tracker. It was one of the most popular Torrent site. started experiencing the slow loading and downtime due to excessive user registrations. It is one of the older torrent site which was launched in 2003. But from 2008 it is experiencing the prolonged downtime frequently. Normally the […]

5 Websites to Download Free and Premium WordPress Themes

WordPress is One of the Best Place that you will ever find for Blogging. Its been fully loaded with exclusive Plugins, Tools, Awesome Themes, etc. Today around 78% of the Professional Bloggers were Using WordPress. According to recent survey WordPress is one place which is giving a heavenly atmosphere for the Bloggers, by proving them […]

List of 5 Websites to Post more than 140 Characters in Twitter

In previous article about twitter I have explained about the Importance of Twitter Search with a case study. In this article I am going to frame the list of 5 Web Sites that are offering us to post more than 140 Characters in Twitter. Isn’t it great to post more than 140 characters in Twitter. […]