6 Awesome Google Features Which Are Only Available in Chrome

Chrome being one of the most promoted products of Google has some exclusive Google features which certainly aren’t present in any other browser. I thought why not list down a few of them I know about. #1. Instant Pages This Chrome-only feature renders the webpage of the first search result when you search on Google. […]

Your Facebook Password is Not Completely Case Sensitive!

Facebook passwords are not ‘completely’ case sensitive. You actually have 3 passwords for your Facebook account, including the normal password with which you login. So what are those other two passwords, apart from the one you know? Your actual Facebook password with case reversed. Your actual Facebook password with first letter capitalized, this is only […]

Game Booster 3.0 – Get The Best Gaming Experience out of Your Laptop

I’m not at all a fan of maintenance/clean up softwares like Tune up utilities, because I never found them effective, instead I found them increasing my PC’s boot time. Game Booster 3.0 by IObit which promises to optimize gaming experience doesn’t fall under this category. What’s new in Game Booster 3.0 ? Like the rest […]

Apps & Oranges – An App Directory That You Can Edit

Being an app junkie, I like trying new apps, in fact I’m writing this using Live Writer even though I could use WordPress’ default editor, because I prefer desktop apps. Apps & Oranges is a new software directory which aims to best permanent destination of apps. Features of Apps & Oranges Apps & Oranges is […]

efTwo Replaces Chrome’s ‘find on page’ with a Powerful Keyword Finder

Chrome’s ‘find on page’ let’s you find the words on any webpage but it’s not at all feature rich. You can’t get the position of the word unless and until you type the exact word (capitalization doesn’t matter). efTwo (F2) is Chrome extension which replaces ‘find on page’ with a reliable keyword finder. Features of […]