Get Incompatible Firefox Addons Working in Aurora and Nightly Builds

Sometimes, I just feel, Firefox is a bit too orthodox, you need to restart after almost installing any add-on and the add ons that work in the stable version may not work in the newer beta versions. Bloggers like me would definitely want to try Aurora or Nightly builds but actually none of the add […]

Take Notes While Browsing on Chrome with SyncPad

I love Simplenote, especially its simplicity which Evernote, Springpad and other popular note taking apps lack. As I spend most of my time on the browser, I like to have extensions of the apps which I use the most. SyncPad for Simplenote and SyncPad Webnotes are two extensions for Chrome which ease the task of […]

5 Reasons Why I Would Never Switch to Firefox

No doubt, Firefox is a good browser. But, in my opinion, it’s not the best. I personally love Chrome a lot and I often wonder why people don’t migrate to Chrome. I’m not against Firefox, I just want to tell you that there’s a better option. You may reverse question me, why don’t you switch […]

Your Complete Guide To Online Privacy And Anonymity

Privacy has been major concern from internet users lately, no one wants to be tracked by companies nor they want to get their E-mail address sold. If you’re looking for some Privacy tips which can make your online life a bit more private, then you’re on the right page. Read on! This is not a […]

Enable Non-Dropbox Users Upload Files Into Your Dropbox Account

One of the main reasons why Dropbox is the best file syncing service is that there many 3rd party apps which enhance it, Dropbox has released its API long ago. A few file syncing services like Wuala haven’t released their API and this is a serious drawback. DROPitTOme is a web app with which your […]