Aviary Launches New Online Music Creator

You all might have knew, the Aviary Image Editor. Aviary image editor is one of the best online editors around the web. Recently they have changed from paid one to a fully free online application. The same company has launched the new online music creator tool. Aviary’s music creator turns anyone into a musician with a few simple clicks.

Now anyone can create music and beats completely from scratch and right in their browser, by simulating almost 50 different instruments, ranging from common instruments like various drums, pianos and guitars to orchestral instruments like harps and flutes to more obscure (but fun!) instruments you may never have heard of like the balarimba and hammered dulcimer.

Aviary’s Music Creator is incredibly simple and yet is also full featured, allowing more advanced users to mix and match any instruments – and even record your voice or upload your own custom sounds.

There is no restrictions for the music composed, you can use it anywhere and everywhere under Creative Commons license.

You can download your compositions as mp3 file or use it directly on music director to make your own mp3 ringtones.

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Aviary Music Editor – Try it Now and do drop in your comments to let us know your views on it.


Logesh June 14, 2010

Awesome job, I wonder if it’s was solely built in Actionscript and Flash.

blueshell June 14, 2010

I like Aviary that is a powerful website with many media related funtions. I’m glad to learn that there is a new online music creator from it. Thanks for sharing it.