Get Complete Analysis of Any Website with Online Tool

woorank_logoBloggers and webmasters are always looking up other websites to have a better understanding of their own websites. Even when it comes to SEO tactics, learning from respectable websites is a better way to improve your site’s visibility and accessibility. With WooRank, I could get a complete analysis of just about any website.

WooRank, even crawls a website to check if there is duplicate content on your website. Such content can be deleted as it can adversely impact your website’s value in terms of SEO.

Features of Woorank website analysis tool

  • Woorank displays the usual information like per month unique visits to the URL of the website. This is taken from sources like Google AdWords tool and Alexa rankings.
  • Then it shows the in-site SEO analysis, which includes information on meta description, meta keywords and even the number of header tags.
  • It also gives information on if all the pages (the tool will look at all posts as different pages) on the website has different titles.
  • It also gives good information on if the website is doing a good job of being complaint. This usually means looking up sitemap, robots.txt and other things that gives a good clues on where your website can improve.

Woorank is a great service get a nice analysis of your own domain. I would recommend using it on not just your domain but other respected domains to look up where your domain might not be up to the mark.

If you liked using WooRank, you might also want to check up on Builtwith – which is also similar service to look up SEO details.

Try out Woorank and do drop in your comments and views.

Link: Woorank


Ashish May 16, 2011

nice share dude. 🙂

HemanthKumar Chilakapati May 21, 2011

I agree with u Ashish. Its really a great tool.

Ashish May 17, 2011

wow, i just came to know about compete rank from this website analysis, i never knew that there is something like that. Great. They provide us a detailed report. Its really good

John May 18, 2011

Hi Aditya,

I try to use woorank, it is really a great tool of seo analysis,

Thnaks for sharing information about woorank

Kranthi Kiran May 19, 2011

I am working hard to make something like this 😀 .
But, it make take some time as mine is an ONE-MAN-ARMY.
LOL its too difficult for a Tenth class kid to manage studies and these.

Deepika May 31, 2011

Woorank is a good option of analysis. Thanks for share.