Best way to create and share flowcharts online – LovelyCharts

Now a days many people work from home. They also collaborate and work with people who are not in the same place. Sometimes there is a need for drawing a quick flowchart to explain work flow or even a diagram to explain things better. This is where online tools that allow creating diagrams are in demand.

If you are looking to make flowcharts, sitemaps and diagrams online, then Lovely Charts is a great service.

Lovely Charts Features

  • Registration to the site is free but we have to register.
  • Once done I could save the charts I created. I can also import it as a .png or .jpg images.
  • The various options with these charts were very useful. Also creating flowcharts was really easy. All I had to do was drag and connect two objects automatically.

There is also a desktop version but then, that product is a paid service. I won’t recommend this as a way to create mind-maps as I prefer using these online tools.

Do try out Lovely Charts and drop in your views and comments.

Link: Lovely Charts
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Jitendra Kumar January 15, 2011

Hi Aditya! Thanks for sharing this information.

Aditya Kane January 15, 2011

Thank you @Jitendra, hope you found it useful.

Lis March 22, 2011

Aditya, nice post! Once you get past the name, Lovely Charts does the job. For more professional diagrams though, I typically use LucidChart ( – it tends to get better reactions from my colleagues!

Aditya Kane March 22, 2011

Yes, I must say even I took a while to get past the name 😀