Get a free website from HyperWebEnable

Do you have a blog? And do u want to transfer the blog from the blog spot, wordpress or any other platform to a new domain. Do you want a free domain and web hosting. Then you can freely get a website hosted at HyperWebEnable.


Yes, you can now turn your blogs at [any blogging platform] to provided the name is available. If not you can choose a different domain name from the available list.

HyperWebEnable is a free web hosting service with as many as 400 websites and blogs provided till date. This will be really helpful for those who cannot afford for web hosting expenses. But there will be limited control on your HyperWebEnable hosted blog. You can even get multiple websites freely with unlimited bandwidth and email ids and many more services that the paid services.

You can see domain comparison here .

Many blogger including Pavan Kumar of, who was blogging on other platforms got a domain with the help of HyperWebEnable. He even provides wide range of technical support for your HyperWebEnable blog.

Last but not the least…you can even refer your friends to get a website from HyperWebEnable through referrals and earn money.

What are you waiting for ?? If you want a free website grab it right now freely.

Link: HyperWebEnable

[Editor’s Note: This is a first post by our guest blogger Echoblogger. Echoblogger likes to write on Echoblogger on internet, technology, web 2.0 and more.

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Richie S September 7, 2009

I didn’t get the editors note – ‘This is a fist post..’? Whats that?

Other than that, my experience with HWE wasn’t that good, first they gave my domain to someone else and then they set up some other site on mine when I wasn’t using it for some time. 🙁

On the other hand their Help & Support is extremely good! 🙂

Aditya Kane September 7, 2009

@Richie S: Hehe thanks for correcting me !

Srinivas September 8, 2009

This is “a” first post .. I really dont understand what english this is.
Again Hyperwebenable puts too many ads on your site which is not good.

Even then if you want to sign up use this
Get free website for your blog

Aditya Kane September 8, 2009

@Richie S and Srinivas: Sorry for the spelling mistakes. The Server was acting up a bit in the evening and I didnt have time to make changes fast. But thats no excuse. Thanks for the feedback, 🙂

Meena virgo September 8, 2009

Though this is good for those who cant afford their own host, but some one who can I will highly recommend to get their own hosting and domain. These days you can easily get a hosting + domain for 50$ or less…
The thing is you will be your own boss 🙂

venkat September 8, 2009

Using hyperwebenable blogger looses control on his blog ,its better to have remote in your hand than others.

Srinivas September 8, 2009

@ Meena Virgo
@ Venkat
It helps users who don’t have a credit card or paypal account.Most students don’t have even I don’t it’s a nice way to kick start your blogging career.Though Hyperweb enable – Get free website for your blog has profits their job is appreciable.

Rahul September 8, 2009

yes, i don’t have cc. but i will never go with hyperwebenable. First they put too many banners or ads in prime spot of your blog. This will cover cost of new domain and cheap hosting easily within three months. Next after four months blog will grow exponentially. If blogger blogs.

Also, their are plenty of people who don’t have idea of managing wordpress and hostings. So, they need cooked food which hyper….ble is providing. I will be sticking to blogspot or for blogger.