Have your own online clip board with Cl1p

Have your own online clip board with Cl1p.net a website that allows your to write and edit notes. These notes can be edited by anyone who shares the URL of the cl1pboard.

I very often have to end up chatting with Facebook contacts or even Twitter contacts whom I might not want to share my email address with. Sometimes when I feel like brainstorming with them it is a little difficult to get to share information without sharing your email address. 🙂

Personally at work I like to collaborate with colleagues and friends by using Google Docs especially after its new features but sometimes I wish it collaboration could be done without sharing email address.

About Cl1p

  • There is no need to sign-in or register. Just add anything ahead of “http://cl1p.net” like my example from above image “http://cl1p.net/dw-demo“.
  • Once done you can start writing in whatever you want or even copy- pasting links or text you are working with. Once done click on ‘Save’ and that URL can be shared with anyone.
  • The person who shares this URL can also edit the clipboard which is perfect for a writing in messages and exchanging them in a collaborative way.

I feel this is best used sometimes while taking random notes and storing them online especially when I need to save them temporarily. It is perfect as the link expires after 8 days and hence I do not have to bother with deleting or tracking such clipboard messages.

Try it out at Cl1p.net and do let me know your view on it by dropping in your comments.