Improve Your Search Queries with SortFix [Search Tool]

All search engines expect you to search for something with 2 or 3 keywords. These combination of 3 different keywords will end up giving us decent search results.

The problem here is what if you are not sure about which keywords to use. You can actually end up searching through pages and scores of results from Google.

SortFix tries to help us search better with some interesting features by suggesting relevant keywords.

  • If you see, I searched my own name. I was automatically suggested some more keywords to be included.
  • These suggestions were like devilsworkshop, blog, twitter and Facebook.
  • I obviously did not want to Twitter and Facebook related links but wanted links related to devils workshop. I could simply drag and drop the suggested keywords to be included or excluded.
  • The search shows results from Bing, Bing Images, YouTube and obviously Google.

Now a days even Google is worried about content farms and is trying its best to block such results and with over 1 million spam pages created every hour on the internet, I found the concept behind SortFix very useful. It can also be used as a Firefox add-on.

Do try out SortFix and let me know your views through the comments.

Link: SortFix | Firefox Add-on